There is a lot of famous couple getting married in 2018, with the top actresses like Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone updated their relationship status. And in the next year, all of them have reunited, but not in real life, but on the top of online media's concern about their pregnancy.

Their relationship status has always been the hot trending topic among netizens, and people are very sensitive with the smallest changes on the body of those actresses once they got married. Hence, a lot of famous starlets were stuck with pregnancy rumors even when they're gaining weight or have their stomach looks bigger.

While some people started the topic with good purposes, the online discussions end up annoying those actresses by infiltrating too far into their personal life. This situation is very awkward for them to deal with, and today, let's find out how the four top-level Bollywood actresses deal with such pregnancy rumors:

1. Priyanka Chopra

In 2018, Priyanka Chopra announced that she and the singer/actor Nick Jonas was going to tie their knot and get to a new stage of a relationship. Their desi wedding was one of the most glamorous in 2018, and was also one of the most concerned marriage since Nick Jonas is 10-year younger than his wife.

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 3
The Priyanka Chopra - Nick Jonas couple is the rare treat in the B-town

Their marriage has somewhat broken the long-running tradition of India (older husband - younger wife), and fans absolutely adore them. However, several months after their honeymoon vacation Rajasthan, fans has noticed something abnormal about Priyanka's tummy when she attended a fashion event.

The pictures of Priyanka Chopra that media outlets have taken has a weird angle, and it makes Priyanka's stomach looks quite bigger than it should be. Fans immediately took them to the scope, and speculating that Priyanka is now bearing a new life!

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 1
Her tummy looked bigger than it should be, making fans doubting that she was having a baby

The diva was stuck with this rumor for a while until her mother - Madhu Chopra stood out to clarify that Priyanka's tummy looks bigger due to the bad camera angle, and the couple still hasn't got any good news yet. Recently, Priyanka also answered an interview that having a baby is on her to-do list, but she didn't find it was a good time to do so. Hence, we will see more of her acting in 2020's movies!

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 4
Priyanka-starring movie The Sky Is Pink is a commercial success

2. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma has experienced her sweet luxury wedding with the famous cricketer Virat Kohli in Italy back in 2017. Unlike Priyanka, Anushka doesn't have any specific changes to her body, as she still completes her 2018's movie 'Zero' without any problems. However, the next things that she did have raised some doubts from the netizens.

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 5
Anushka is having a sweet marriage with the cricketer Virat Kohli

In detail, Anushka didn't plan to work in another film after her last movie was released. That was quite abnormal in Bollywood since people often know at least some of the upcoming movies that an actress is going to work with. Hence, Anushka had to face some rumors regarding she would focus on family rather than acting. Some even said that her baby prevented the actress from shooting movies for a while.

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 6
She melted fans' heart with her sweetness in the 2018's movie 'Zero'

However, little knows that the actress was only going to take her short break, and of course, she didn't feel good with this type of rumor. In an interview with Filmfare, the actress spoke calmly but toughly: "They love to read into something that doesn't exist.". She also pointed out that netizens need to look again at the way they perceive news, criticizing that it's very hard for them to think in the right way that she's just taking time to be rejuvenated.

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 7
Right now, Anushka Sharma is just enjoying her time reading scripts

Clarifying her absent in movies scenes, Anushka Sharma stated that she has been reading scripts recently, and will jump right back into the set once she finds a great one. But now, she needs to get her creativity charged first.

3. Deepika Padukone

This type of rumor spares no one, even one of the most influential people of the world in 2018 - Deepika Padukone. And while Priyanka Chopra chose to stay silent, Anushka Sharma hilariously criticizing the rumors, Deepika Padukone directly fired her shot at the rumors.

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 8
Deepika Padukone is one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time

Deepika Padukone didn't go anywhere with her relationship with the actor Ranbir Kapoor (he admitted that he had cheated on the actress) but soon married to the one that she belongs to - Ranveer Singh. It's the blooming flower of their 6-year dating since 2012, and their marriage received a lot of cherish from fans and the community.

However, as the couple is enjoying the best moments of their young marriage, they are very frequently asked about whether Deepika Padukone is being pregnant. And as everything has its limits, the actress goes kaboom after receiving the question for too many times. "Do I look pregnant?" - the starlet said. She is angry that it feels like the actress has to get the permissions before having a plan to get a baby, and that's not fair.

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 10
People spot a small bump on her stomach

Jokes aside, she has criticized the people spreading the rumor, stating that it's unfair for the celebrity couples to receive this kind of treatment. Deepika also reaffirmed that she will have a baby when she has a baby, and she will let it come completely natural. That's the things that we could expect from a strong woman with her firm mind!

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 9
Deepika Padukone is angry at what people are rumoring about her pregnancy status

4. Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is the victim of misunderstanding with her weight gain. The 35-year-old beauty tied herself and the businessman Anand Ahuja together by the force of love and marriage in May 2018. And since the moment the two came together, they've shown a lot of lovey-dovey moments all over the streets of India.

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 11
The lovely Sonam Kapoor-Anand Ahuja couple shows their loving acts everywhere they go together

The loving couple's relationship is shining too brightly that almost immediately after the actress revealed that she gained 10 kilos, netizens immediately thought that she was in pregnancy. Things turned to be even more misunderstanding, as cameras have caught Anand to tie his wife's shoelaces at an event. No wonder fans started to lay their eyes on this topic.

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 12
Anand's kneeling down to tie Sonam's shoelaces accidentally triggered the rumor

Nevertheless, Sonam later reported that her 10-kilo weight gain was only for the best portrayal of her role as Zoya Singh Solanki in the Hindi rom-com The Zoya Factor (2019). After finishing her filming session, the diva immediately lost all of her newly-gained weight, and there went the pregnancy rumors like it had not existed in the first place.

Bollywood Actresses Pregnancy Rumors 13
Sonam Kapoor had to gain weight for her role in 'The Zoya Factor'


With this year full of pregnancy rumors that even the most famous actresses in the industry can not get away smoothly, we are feeling again the power of the netizens. However, people should really know their limits, and learn that in which scale can you stick your nose into others' personal lives.

In the end, we hope for the best for those actresses, and whether they want to have a baby in 2020 or not, they will receive the exact things they've planned!