Yaongyi, Lilian Kan, Xia Da, and Yukimi Matsuo are comic book artists who are known as the real-life versions of characters created by themselves.

Yaongyi - Korea

As a renowned comic artist in South Korea, Yaongyi has had crores of followers on her private page. In addition to many high-grossing webtoons, she is also well-known for her beauty. Many say that she is the real-life version of Im Jookyung in her hot webtoon True Beauty.


The 1991-born artist has a beautiful face and sexy body that seem to be enough to compare to those of famous idols and actresses in Korea. However, after gaining fame, Yaongyi has been rumored to do cosmetic surgeries many times and edit photos too much. When being asked, she admitted she did eyelid surgery 10 years ago but she said she didn’t upgrade her breasts and buttocks, as well as not edit photos excessively.

Yaongyi Real Life

Lilian Kan - Hong Kong

The second name on this list of 4 female artists is Lilian Kan - a comic artist from Hong Kong. She is also a hot face who has drawn huge attention on social networks. She has a pure beauty and reminds the netizens of lead female characters in hit webtoons.

Lilian Kan Flower

Many know that Lilian Kan is so versatile. She used to win the second award in a competition for young designers in Hong Kong. She was also invited to work by the Association of German Architects Aile Atelier. Besides an artist, she works as a model for many fashion brands and renowned magazines.

Lilian Kan Hong Kong

Lilian Kan

Xia Da - China

Xia Da - the Chinese beauty - is famous for her beauty from comics. The 1981-born artist has a pure and naïve appearance and she was the most-loved manhua artist in Japan, China, and Korea 10 years ago.

Xia Da China

Different from many other comic artists, Xia Da has seldom shared her private life on social networks because she doesn’t want to attract too much attention due to her appearance. In recent days, she has suddenly posted her pics boasting about her young beauty in spite of her age of nearly 40 and received lots of praise from the netizens.

Xia Da Young

Xia Da

Yukimi Matsuo - Japan

Yukimi Matsuo is a renowned manga artist from Japan and the last name on this list of beautiful comic artists. She always looks gorgeous like actresses and it’s not hard to comprehend why her fans love calling her comic beauty or manga goddess.

Yukimi Matsuo Artists

Yukimi Matsuo Miss Universe

Yukimi Artist

Yukimi Matsuo

Back in 2013, Yukimi Matsuo unleashed the madness amongst her fans across the world when she suddenly became the Miss Universe Japan. Accordingly, she revealed that her purpose to join this competition was to promote Japan’s manga culture to the whole world. She managed to conquer the judging panel due to her sharp beauty and rich knowledge.

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