India expects that in 2019, the number of Internet users will continue to increase as the current trend. Although when Jio entered the market, the cost of data was reduced for a pretty long time, the number of Indians accessing the Internet did not increase faster. There are a number of other reasons why Indians are still afraid to come online.

Lack of technical knowledge is not the main reason for some Indians not using the Internet

It is reported that the lack of knowledge and the ability to use technology and technology is not the main barrier that makes people here not accessing the Internet much, according to e-commerce company Booking Holdings. English is the main language and the most appearing on the Internet, and this currently has become the biggest concern of Indians in accessing online.

A survey of citizens across India, Indonesia and China showed that as many as 76% of people think that the popularity of English across the Internet is one of the main reasons people live in rural areas. In addition, the data services and devices needed to access the Internet at relatively high prices are also a barrier for them.

These problems are gradually improving, such as cheaper smartphones, cheaper data packages. This leads to an increasing number of people appearing online, especially in Asia. According to statistics, up to 112 million individuals in this area have access to the Internet for the first time. This year, that number is expected to reach 365 million.

Particularly in India, the number of online visitors has also increased significantly. In 2018, India achieved the fastest growth rate in the world when the number of smartphone owners soared to 16%. It is estimated that 87% of Indians have mobile connections.

The number of people using smartphones and Internet access in India has been increased significantly

Although the number of people accessing the Internet in India has increased significantly, the company said that this number will increase to billions of people by 2030. The report also shows that up to 31% of Indians completely cannot use the Internet and more than 13% have no chance to access.

However, the report also said that the next billions of people will be able to access the Internet including 43% of illiterate people and 46% of the poor. We all know this is the group that needs to have an opportunity to access to the Internet in order to be expanded knowledge and developed. As long as they understand how to use the Internet, they will be able to use cheaper video and voice calls, read the news every day, watch videos, shop and especially find jobs in order to reduce the burden of unemployment.