During the “Stadia Connect” stream on YouTube yesterday, Google revealed plenty of new information about its upcoming game streaming service Stadia. Through this, we finally have the answers to a lot of questions regarding its price, launch date, and other more technical elements such as its core specs and requirements.

So, according to Google, Stadia can deliver a stable 4K/60fps streaming experience with a bitrate of 35Mbps – which is some pretty high-end stuff. The more casual gamers only need a bandwidth of 20Mbps to stream at 1080p/60fps, while 720p/60fps only requires 10Mbps. These numbers translate to a data consumption of 15.75GB/hour of 4K streaming, while this number for 1080p and 720p streaming is 9GB/hour and 4.5GB/hour respectively. That’s more or less what we expected.

Stadia Data
Stadia bitrate requirement

However, similar to all streaming services, if you want to use Stadia regularly but don't have an unlimited data plan, you might want to be careful. Even if you have a 1TB data plan, you can only stream about 65 hours in 4k resolution, and that's without any other activity on the internet whatsoever. At 1080p, you get 113 hours of streaming a month if you don’t use your data for anything else.

Assassins Creed Odyssey Uhd 4k Wallpaper
If you want to stream games at 4K, you'd better have an unlimited data plan

That shouldn’t be much of a problem to the majority of users, though. Your display will probably have a lower resolution, so there isn’t really a point in streaming at 4k. Google did confirm that all games will be streamed at 60fps to deliver a smooth experience, which is pretty nice compared to the usual 30fps of many games on consoles these days.

Not much else is revealed about Stadia’s other facets, but there will be a Stadia Pro subscription that includes 5.1 surround sound support at a price of $10 (Rs 690) a month. Free users, on the other hand, will only have stereo audio and can only stream as high as 1080p.

Stadia is scheduled to launch in November this year, and currently 31 games are already confirmed for the service.