When talked about video game players, people always think of a young teenager sitting in a dark room playing while their mother is yelling. But that is not the case here, it's turned out that even celebrities also play video games, PUBG to be precise, and pretty good at it too.

1.MS Dhoni

Pubg Dhoni
The India cricket team playing PUBG Mobile while waiting for the plane

The legendary cricket player in India, MS Dhoni, absolutely loves PUBG Mobile. In an interview with ESPN, his teammate Kuldeep Yadav even told that Dhoni has addicted to the game. But Dhoni was not the only one, Manish Pandey, Yuzvendra Chahal, and Kedar Jadhav also play it a lot, and are the best PUBG players in India team.

2. Neymar Jr

Neymar in PUBG outfit

Yes, the Brazilian football superstar also plays PUBG. He was so passionate about the game that he even asked PUBG Corp to give him a dedicated server just for him. What a crazy idea! He is still waiting for the response from PUBG Corp, but let be real, there is no way that they would do such a crazy thing. One funny thing is that on his birthday, knowing his love for PUBG, Red Bull sent a present box to him with some PUBG merchandise inside.

3. Terry Crews

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He might even play more than you

Who can imagine that a Hollywood superstar would play a mobile game? The muscular funny black Hollywood star, Terry Crews, not only plays the game but also really good at it too. He even teams up with his son Isaiah to play PUBG on his PC.

4.Demetrious Johnson

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Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson is an MMA fighter. But fighting in the ring wasn't enough for him so he joined the life and death battle in PUBG. He has been actively streaming him playing the game for quite some time and even joined the Uproar’s The Golden Chicken tournament.


Deadmau5 D

The world-famous EDM artist Joel Thomas Zimmerman or Deadmau5 plays PUBG Mobile all the time. He even joined a duo in PUBG with Shroud on stream once, or should I say he watched Shroud slaying everyone in the game for him. While Deadmau5 may not the best player, he still loves the game nonetheless.

6. Post Malone

Post Malone Promo
Post Malone

The American rapper is also a PUBG player. He even has a Twitch channel to stream his game. The musician admitted that he moved to PC gaming because he loved PUBG so much, and he has been playing the game since then.