Bollywood has seen a lot of powerful families with their members dominating the scenes. And among them, the celebrity sisters are often the most noticed ones, as they do not only share the similar features on their faces, but also their unique chemistry as well.

So here we are today, naming 5 of the most popular lookalike Bollywood celebrities siblings. They are actually indistinguishable with the first look, so you might need a second try to find out who is your favorite idols among them. If you're proud of your distinguishing skills, let's have a test with Gurugamer below!

1. Kajal Aggarwal - Nisha Aggarwal

Date of Birth: 1985 - 1989

Let's start this list with the star of the 2007's Lakshmi Kalyanam and Magadheera (2009) - Kajal Aggarwal. Kajal made her Bollywood in 2004 with the movie Kyun...! Ho Gaya Na, but only soared in popularity after her successful role of Lakshmi in her 2007 movie. And sometimes, we saw the beautiful actress with another one who really looks like her on her social media posts.

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 1
Kajal Aggarwal made her name through Magadheera (2009)

That's Kajal's younger sister - Nisha Aggarwal. Nisha Aggarwal is 4 years younger than her famous sister, and few know that she actually followed the steps of her sister once. To be more specific, Nisha made her debut with the 2010's Tollywood movie "Yemaindi Ee Vela", and continues acting until 2014.

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 3
Nisha Aggarwal has married and got a cute son with Karan Valecha now!

However, it seems that it was not a suitable way for her, as she departed from the journey after getting married to Karan Valecha - a businessman. Even though Nisha has a different life now, she still keeps a great relationship with her sister, and we often see the Aggarwal sisters together on Kajal Aggarwal photos on Instagram.

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 2
Can you guess who is Kajal and who is Nisha?

2. Amrita Rao - Preetika Rao

Date of Birth: 1981 - 1992

We will continue with another sibling couple - Amrita Rao and Preetika Rao. However, this case is going to be different, since Amrita is 11-year older than her younger sister.

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 5
Amrita Rao is 11-year older than Preetika Rao, but they still look strikingly identical!

Having a good head start, Amrita Rao has built her brand much sooner than her sister. In detail, she has won her nomination for Filmfare Best Female Debut Award with her very first movie Ab Ke Baras in 2002, and soon rose in the Bollywood with her role in Welcome to Sajjanpur (2008). Amrita was even included in the 50 Most Desirable Women of 2011, and many media outlets regard the actress as the "Bollywood's quintessential girl-next-door".

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 6
Amrita Rao is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood

Meanwhile, Preetika Rao also doesn't want to lose to her sister. Born a decade late after Amrita, Preetika is also a decently famous face in the TV industry, especially after her acting in the TV series "Beintehaa". Preetika and Amrita look very similar to each other, and it's even more misleading when Preetika also shares the same hairstyles with her older-sister as well!

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 4
Pretty is a part of the younger Rao's name!

3. Bhumi Pednekar - Samiksha Pednekar

Date of Birth: 1989 - 1989

The sharpshooter of  Saand Ki Aankh - Bhumi Pednekar was one of the hottest actresses of Bollywood. Prior to her that successful role, Bhumi also featured in some other high-grossing movies as well, including her debut with Dum Laga Ke Haisha (2015), with which she won her Filmfare Award of the Best Female Debut.

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 7
Bhumi Pednekar had a wonderful 2019, and is aiming high for 2020

However, if you somehow met a person that really looks like the famous actress, don't rush to ask for her signature yet. She might be Samiksha Pednekar - the twin sister of Bhumi Pednekar that you might mistake with. Unlike her sister, Samiksha Pednekar didn't take the same career as her sister, as she chose to follow her profession of a lawyer instead.

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 9
Samiksha Pednekar doesn't want to take the same route as her famous sister

But even though Samiksha didn't choose to become a human-of-public, her beautiful face that she shares a lot of similar features with Bhumi stills gets her a lot of attention. That's why Samiksha has got a lot of followers on her Instagram, which all praise her for her beauty with her pictures there. Samiksha also often features on her sister Instagram as well, and when that happens, they both look like the mirror images of each other!

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 8
There should be a mirror between Bhumi Pednekar and Samiksha Pednekar

4. Shilpa Shetty - Shamita Shetty

Date of Birth: 1975 - 1979

One of the most beloved celebrities sisters of Bollywood - Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty is the perfect example of doppelgangers.

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 11
Shamita Shetty (left) and Shilpa Shetty (right). 

You might be very familiar with the younger sister - Shamita Shetty, as she is the lead actress of the 2000's blockbuster Mohabbatein, in which her acting as Ishika won the actress the award of Star Debut of the Year. She's also familiar with TV viewers as the contestant of Bigg Boss in 2009.

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 12
Shamita has a wonderful head start with her carrer in Bollywood

Meanwhile, Shilpa Shetty doesn't stay behind her younger sis in popularity at all. Shilpa didn't have a favorable start in Bollywood like her sister but still gained public recognition for her efforts, especially with the action-thriller Auzaar (1997) and Pardesi Babu (1998). The elder proved that she's much more efficient with her off-screen works as an MC, a show host, and even the Indian Premier League part-owner.

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 13
Shilpa Shetty proved herself to be a better one in off-screen works

Together, the two create a wonderful duo, as no one of them outshined the visuals or the success of each other.

5. Taapsee Pannu - Shagun Pannu

Date of Birth: 1987 - 1991

We'll end today's list with the Pannu siblings - Taapsee Pannu and Shagun Pannu.

Taapsee Pannu is already a renowned name in Bollywood, as the actress made her reputation through her most successful movie up to now - Pink (2016) - co-starring Amitabh Bachchan and  Kirti Kulhari. The Best Film on Other Social issues that the movie won at the National Film Award speaks for itself, and Taapsee Pannu is seeking a new success with the upcoming movie Thappad.

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 14
Taapsee Pannu will appear in Indian cinemas again with Thappad

On the other hands, Shagun Pannu wants to stay away from the huge shadow of her older sister, so Shagun used her similar beauty in another way. Branded herself as a social media geek, Shagun frequently posted her vacation photos on Instagram, which has proven to her followers that she's no less than her diva sister. On the profession front, she's currently a wedding planner and a model.

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 16
Shagun Tannu is very active on Instagram

A famous Bollywood actress and a sensational Internet identity - we can't have a more influential combination than Taapsee Pannu - Shagun Pannu combo!

5 Most Identical Bollywood Celebrities Siblings 15
Taapsee Pannu and Shagun Pannu make the most powerful combo ever!

Do you think we miss any other outstanding Bollywood siblings? Let us know in the comment section below!