A lot of video games today have a larger-than-life quality to them. Console games have become simply mind-blowing in their scope and in the action they present, and the best virtual and augmented reality games feel like experiences plucked right out of the future. Sometimes, though, there’s also something nice about settling down with a simpler, more casual gaming experience. This is why we like to check in on some of the best mobile games available from time to time, and it’s also why we’re giving the online casino genre a fresh look.

Specifically we’re looking to the slot machine arcade games that have grown popular over the course of the last decade. These games primarily come from European developers and are showcased by British casino platforms, though from there they tend to branch out around the world such that they’re playable more or less anywhere. Said one guide to online slot platforms, there are now hundreds of sites to choose from at this point — which should give you some idea of how much the category has grown.

This growth has occurred largely as a result of quality. Casino slot games once had a reputation as being somewhat dull and repetitive. But these modern sites and the developers providing the games have rejuvenated the genre. They’ve done so through appealing graphics, gameplay bonuses, and occasionally engaging storylines or licensed characters. If that sounds to you like something more appealing than the slot games of years past, read below for our suggestions of a few more titles to add to your casual gaming rotation.

Dead Or Alive

Dead Or Alive is actually older than most of the games in this category as we know it today, but you’d never guess as much while playing it for the first time. This 3D-animated, Wild West-themed game is attractive, responsive, and packed with fun elements that comprise its setting. It’s also a title regular slot gamers love because of its slew of special features and bonuses.

Dead Or Alive is actually older than most of the games in this category as we know it today

Gladiator: Road To Rome

This game doesn’t revolve around actual licensed material from the 2000 film Gladiator, but it still demonstrates the vague cinematic quality some slot arcades these days have. It cleverly invokes the film in a way that results in an immersive and entertaining vibe. No, you don’t get to control gladiators fighting in the arena, as you do with some gladiator-related mobile games. But you can enjoy a progressive jackpot structure (which can result in major winnings if you’re playing for real money) and soak up some of that unique, Gladiator-inspired atmosphere as long as you like.

Castle Builder

This is a more complex game than your average slot, and frankly it’s just awesome. As you play your way through the slot reels, you more or less win upgrades that you can make to a castle, which you build up as you go. That more or less says it all, but as you can imagine it’s quite a lot of fun in practice.

This is a more complex game than your average slot, and frankly it’s just awesome

Frankenstein’s Monster

As iconic as the Frankenstein story is, there’s almost a strange dearth of modern games based on it. There is a gorgeous mobile game called The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature that was released recently, and it’s well worth a look. But this slot game does a little bit more to invoke the Frankenstein narrative, even if it does so in a fairly playful manner. If you’re into browser- and mobile-based cartoon zombie games, the aesthetic will appeal to you.

Space Invaders

What more do we need to say than the title? The slot game based on the beloved arcade classic is, predictably, a lot of fun to play. It’s still a slot reel at heart, but it does incorporate some UFO-blasting features from the classic game.

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