Do you want to attract lots of interactivity from your friends or crush on social networks via a simple status that can still get thousands of likes or shares? It may not be as difficult as you think, here are five helpful tips to turn your dreams come true!

1. Don’t Upload Photos Immediately! Keep Calm!

The first tip is very important because it can take up over 50 percent of the interactivity rate of your status. However, many don’t realize it. Here are some errors that you can make when uploading photos immediately to keep “heat”: choose any filter instead of considering a series of parameters of your photos, rapidly type “caption” for photos (as well as using random emojis). However, as you know, you will never do all things well in a hurry, including posting a status.

Tips Get Likes
The following tips will help get more likes.

Many young users with good interactivity have set up a fundamental procedure: take and edit photos, write attractive captions and then, create hashtags so that they can make the strong impression for other users in your friend list for the first time. As such, your message will be expressed more clearly and surely get more attraction.

2. Diversify Your Posts & Catch Hot Trends

Many young users sometimes surf social networks but only to enjoy “live virtually”; however, how they express themselves appears too faint. That surely makes your followers feel bored and even consider getting rid of following you.

Why don’t you create more colors for your status, as well as “secretly” follow lots of various groups or communities? You will be able to catch countless hottest trends as soon as possible, and creating interesting statuses is just a piece of cake.

3. Interact With Other Users As Much As Possible

It will be useless if your content can’t show any reliability to readers. In other words, other users don’t want to see your posts anymore unless you inspire them. That means you have to encourage them to interact with you by liking or commenting on each of your posts. The higher interactivity you get, the higher the rate of your posts displayed on other users’ walls is.

Get Likes Social Media Fb
Don't forget to interact with other users as much as possible.

It won’t be enough if you only receive but not to give something back. Don’t forget to like and comment on statuses from your friends. You can give any question and require their interactivity in your posts if they agree, or you can require them to tag a name in the below comment section. Similar tips may also deserve a try and you may be surprised at what you get on Facebook or Instagram!

4. Don’t Forget Attach Hashtags For Each Post

Do you know that each post with a hashtag that begins with “#” will bring more attention and more interactivity than an initial post? That’s why you should learn how to attach a list of your own hashtags. It’s time to begin a new post by attaching “#”. You will be able to get what other users have paid attention to on social networks. Show them you are going first and know what they are in need of.

Tips Social Networks
Adding hashtags is a good way to get more likes!

According to your status, you can choose about 30 various hashtags for each post. How to choose hashtags entirely depends on you. For example, when you post a photo showing your involvement in a marriage, you can choose a series of general hashtags as follow: #wedding, #happy, as well as some particular hashtags like #(place) or #(withfriends). It is obviously a good way to contact with your friends!

5. Form A Group Of “Loyal Fans” On Social Networks

It is so easy to sign in and surf newsfeeds without any intention. Have you ever thought that you should spend about 20 minutes encouraging those who are following you, as well as your followers, to contact with each other? That sounds crazy but it’s the way some have got good interactivity.

While getting comments or likes from other users, you should spend a few minutes to reply, give a thank, or even interact with them via their own page. As such, you will soon manage to build a group of “loyal fans” who always pay attention to your statuses. Give a try! After a short time, you must be surprised!

With only 05 simple tips, each of your normal statuses will get countless likes or comments from your friends on social networks or even a crush you are in love with.