Along with the growing development of modern society, lots of sparkling underwater cities completely disappeared from the world and we can only know about them in the ancient records and relics. From a 1400-year-old city in China to a pyramid in Japan, these cities beneath the deep ocean have hidden many unresolved questions.

Let’s check out the following sparkling underwater cities with! How many cities do you know?

1. Dwarka, India

The legendary land was found beneath the deep ocean of the Dwarka city, Gujarat, India. It is rumored as the hometown of Lord Krishna - a god in Hinduism who represents love, tenderness, compassion, and destroys grievance.

Dwarka Lost City
Dwarka, India.

Until now, scientists have still had lots of difficulties in analyzing the complexity of the structure of this city.

2. Port Royal, Jamaica - The Sin City

Built with 2,000 buildings and 4 fortresses in the 17th century, Port Royal was known as an ideal destination of pirates. Many of the most notorious pirates including Blackbeard used to consider Port Royal as a base to have a sudden attack on treasure ships.

Port Royal Jamaica
Port Royal, Jamaica - the sin city before being sunken into the ocean.

Till 1692, the gorgeous city was sunken in the Caribbean sea after a fierce earthquake.

3. Pavlopetri, Greece

Along with many other beautiful underwater cities, Pavlopetri in Greece was sunken to the bottom of the ocean about 5,000 years ago. Archaeologists suppose that it is a part of the Minoan Dynasty that was destroyed by an earthquake. However, there has been no research revealing which civilization and who the structure belonged to.

Pavlopetri Greece
Pavlopetri, Greece.

4. Yonaguni Jima Pyramid, Japan

This is one of the most mysterious architectural masterpieces in the world. Scientists have even wondered whether the ancient underwater pyramid in Japan is a product of nature or humans. If it was built by humans, based on its structures, the pyramid appeared about 10,000 years before Christ, in the last ice age. Meanwhile, Yonaguni Jima has lots of similarities with other pyramids that were dug up in Mexico and Central America.

Although many years have gone by, archaeologists haven’t yet determined who was the real owner of this pyramid. They believe that this structure’s progress is even more outstanding than that of Indian and Mesopotamian civilizations.

5. Lion City, China - One Of The Most Gorgeous Underwater Cities

Lion city has been known as one of the most gorgeous underwater cities in the world to date. With an area of up to 62 football fields, the Chinese landscape was built in the Han Dynasty over 1,400 years ago. Nowadays, this city has been a famous landscape, especially for tourists in love with scuba diving.

Lion City China
Lion City, China.

6. Epecuen, Argentina

In comparison with underwater cities built in the ancient civilization, Epecuen is considered as the mysterious “youngest” city. It was a prosperous land with about 5,000 citizens and 300 businesses in the 1970s.

Epecuen Argentina
Epecuen, Argentina is just a ghost village.

Sadly, from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, Epecuen was sunken to the bottom of Lago Epecuen Lake. Until 2009, water was drawn slowly out of this city but it was too late. Old days’ sparkling city turned to a ghost town.