According to Daily Mail, a mom from Florida, the US has got a great shock when the photos of her 8-year-old daughter on Facebook were stolen for the sake of bad perverts. Last month, a mom nicknamed Terri received a message from her friend saying that a kind of child sex doll that is now available on Amazon looks like her daughter, Kat. It is sold at $559 (about Rs40,900).

Child Sex Doll
Kat and the child sex doll that allegedly was inspired by the little model.

Right after reading the message, the mom burst into tears. She never imagined that some lechers have used her daughter’s photos to create such dolls on purpose to serve pedophiles.

Daily Mail also shared a photo showing that the child sex doll has the same appearance, hairstyle, and posture as Terri’s daughter. This product was on sale on Amazon as a “high-quality sex dolly live dolls for men.” Even there was a customer to rate 5 stars for this sex doll and comment that the sex doll has a good quality.


Terri said that she had posted her daughter’s photos on a Facebook group in which she often shares the latest information about her little angle’s disease, community service projects, as well as Kat’s career as a model. She believes that the child sex doll stimulates the pic of Kat holding her dear puppet on a couch.

The mom also added that she was deeply shocked when realizing that Amazon sells a child sex doll on the website. Then, she contacted the online shopping website and required it to remove the toxic item. 4 days later, the post about the sex doll disappeared from Amazon.

Terri Mom
Kat's mom.

The website stated as below:

“All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. This product has been removed.”

At present, Terri has teamed up with a non-profit organization to lobby for a ban on selling child sex dolls in the United States. This kind of product is now legal in this country but Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee. However, supporters say that there should be a 100% ban on this issue in the whole country.

Sex Doll

Although the child sex doll is no longer available on Amazon, Terri said that some other websites still save the pics and videos guiding how to use it. She revealed that she couldn’t sleep at all when thinking about men having sex with this sex doll. She just wanted to set it on fire and such websites should be closed.

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