Recently, Google hosted the 5th edition of Google for India event in New Delhi on September 19. This event was an opportunity for companies and organizations to introduce new products and ideas that target India users. From English and Hindi definitions in Google Search, improve search results in vernacular languages to a new AI-based lab in India.

This year, we also got to see some exciting changes and products from Google that will improve the user experience and technology accessibility of Indian users. Here are the 9 major announcements from Google for India 2019.

1. Vodafone-Idea Phone line

Phone Line
Google Assistant is now available everywhere even without an internet connection

Google is partnering with Vodafone or Idea to give people who have a poor internet connection the access to Google Assistant through a toll-free number, 0008009191000. Vodafone users can connect to Google Assistant through this number without the need of an internet connection to ask about anything in English or Hindi.

This feature will help thousands of people across India to have access to latest and useful information.

2. Google AI Research lab in India

Google Research India Ai Lab
Google is bringing an AI research lab to India

Google announced that they will open a new AI research lab in Bengaluru, India. The lab will be focusing on the development of Computer Science research in India, including Languages, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Speech, Systems, and other related areas. It will also aim to use these researches to solve big problems that are presenting in India relating to healthcare, agriculture, and education.

3. Free public Wi-Fi:

Google give people in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Bihar free wifi connection

Google is collaborating with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to give people in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Bihar free wifi connection. This program will provide high-speed public internet to villages in those states, where internet is not available.

4. Google assistant language

Google Assistant Hindi
Easily change Google Assistant language

Google Assistant is already supporting 9 Indian languages including Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Tamil, Urdu, Kannada and Bengali. However, people need to change the setting manually on their phones in order to use it. Now, for example, by simply saying "Ok Google, Hindi bolo or talk/ speak to me in Hindi”, users will be able to set Google Assistant to Hindi right away. This feature is available for all Android Go, Android, and KaiOs devices.

6. Google Interpreter mode

Google Interpreter Mode
Google Interpreter Mode can translate between Hindi and English

Soon, Google Assistant is will become your own real-time interpreter. This feature will be able to translate between English and Hindi. It will be soon available in the upcoming months for Android gO, Android phones and even Android TVs in India.

7. Google Pay Business:

Google launched an exclusive version of Google Pay for small business owners in India to make transactions faster and easier.

8. Google Lens

Google Lens
Google Lens can read words and translate them

Google Lens is an image recognition technology that will give you related information about objects based on its data through your camera. Now it has been upgraded to support Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi. It can also read out loud words on signs, posters and translate them to your preferred language.

9. New Google Pay features

Spot Platform Google Pay
Jobs Spot on Google Pay

In the last 12 month, the number of monthly active Google Pay users has risen more than 3 times with 67 million users. Now it is rolling out new features to make everything more convenient for users.

  • The Spot platform: This feature allows users to set up their own digital store for both online and offline businesses.
  • Tokenized Cards: This feature act as a bridge to protect credit cards and bank account information of users when purchasing digital goods. This feature will be available for Tokenized Cards for Android phones only.
  • Jobs Spot: Users can now find entry-level jobs in fields such as on-demand businesses, retail, and hospitality on Google Pay.