A baking shop in India has recently become a center of controversy when selling coronavirus-themed cakes. Many people criticized this idea while a lot of people still advocated the baker. Check it out here with Gurugamer.com.

A Baking Supply In India Makes Coronavirus-shaped Cakes

A baking shop in India caused controversy when selling coronavirus-shaped cakes while this virus is spreading across this country. The baking shop is named Hindusthan Sweets, located in Jadavpur district, Kolkata city in the state of West Bengal. They hang a lot of anti-virus banners with the content “we will eat coronavirus up” to kill this deadly virus.

Indian Cake Shop Sell Coronavirus Themed Cakes
A Cake Shop In India Sells Coronavirus-Themed Cakes

The shop owners said to Ruptly News that he had launched three new cakes that were shaped like the virus that causes COVID-19 disease. There is a cashew cake, a Gato, and a Sandesh (a local traditional dessert made from solidified milk). However, he decided to give the customers these cakes as gifts when they buy cakes from his shop.

A Lot Of Sweet Lovers Like This Creation
A Lot Of Sweet Lovers Like This Creation

The baker said he wanted to make these coronavirus-shaped sweets to make people less stressed during this pandemic. However, many people still expressed their disagreement. They said the weird shape of these sweets makes them lose their appetite. Meanwhile, many people were afraid that this initiative would attract more people to visit his shop, increasing the infection risk. 

Many People Like This Creation

However, a lot of people expressed their interest in these special cakes. They even praised this initiative of the shop owner. In short, these unique cakes caused a controversy in the coronavirus outbreak. Some people even asked the authorities to imprison the shop owner. 

Coronavirus Theme Cakes
Many baking shops across the world also make and sell cakes which shape like the coronavirus

Despite the country lockdown regulations of the Indian Government in three weeks since March 25th, the Head of West Bengal State still allowed candy shops across this state to operate as normal. It also caused controversy among people and raised a concern about the risk of COVID-19 spread in this state.