During the nation lockdown in India because of the coronavirus outbreak, many people are still being ignorant during this emergency state and gather for Friday prayers in Karnataka's Hubballi. When the police came and tried to stop them, they even went on throwing rocks at the police.

According to R Dileep, a Hubballi Police commissioner, the police tried to dismiss the crowd who is grouping at the prayer hall to prevent the risk of spreading coronavirus by requesting them politely. However, some people felt offensive about it and started attacking the police. Some people in the crowd were also injured due to the chaos.

When the leaders of the community found out about this situation, they came to calm down the crowd and explained that the police were only doing their job to keep everyone safe from the pandemic so they shouldn't obstruct them.

In spite of that, a few people still got frustrated and threw stones at the police. A total of 4 police officers were injured from it. However, it is good to know that they only have minor injuries and are back on duty.

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People throw stones at the police for stopping the Friday prayers despite the coronavirus

The incident is not very serious, but it is quite alarming that some people still not understand fully the danger of the coronavirus outbreak. If these people keep on with these attitudes then it is likely that the outbreak will have more chance to spread further and causes more damage to the country.

There have been over 1,3 million cases of coronavirus so far all over the world with almost 75 thousand deaths. Unless everyone in society joins hands to perform social distancing, this pandemic will not be over soon.