The competition between Felix Kjellberg, the King of YouTube who also widely known as PewDiePie, against T-Series, the Bollywood label still keeps on escalating. However, one of the fans, perhaps, has discovered a huge loophole in the 100-million-subscription race.

In the 25th-of-April episode of “Last Week I Asked You”, PewDiePie publicized a conversation on Discord in a subreddit of his. The conversation was between his two fans, one of them insisted on T-Series not being the first channel having 100 million subscriptions on YouTube ever.

It seems like 'Music' category of YouTube has already passed that milestone before both channels with more than 105 million subscriptions - making T-Series’ ultimate “victory” void and null.

Youtube Music Category Subscriber Count
While T-Series might be the most-subscribed corporate channel, YouTube's 'Music' category holds a record number of 105 million subscribers - rendering it the largest "corporate" channel on the site.

How PewDiePie reacted to this "loophole"

This whole thing means T-Series would no longer be able to become the very first corporation to achieve this milestone. This allows PewDiePie to be the first independent YouTuber who gets 100 million subscriptions on this platform.

In spite of his almost entirely guaranteed win, PewDiePie seemed to find it somewhat hard to accomplish so big a milestone like this one. This was clearly shown through the way he humorously reacted when he heard the news.

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“Holy heck, guys, this changes everything!” PewDiePie reacted facetiously towards the development. “‘Oh my god, we win by default’ - but we still have to hit 100 million.”

T-Series prohibits the diss tracks made by PewDiePie in India

No matter how successful ‘Congratulation’ was around the end of March, T-Series still somehow managed to make a great comeback. It resulted in T-Series having a gap of 950,000 subscribers more than PewDiePie ever since the 25th of April.

Pewdiepie T Series Sub Gap April 25
T-Series is currently outranking PewDiePie in terms of subscribers, after the YouTuber received a substantial boost by Jake Paul's visit to the label's headquarters in late April.

T-Series has, in fact, with the intention of removing PewDiePie’s diss track from YouTube once and for all, decided to pursue a court order against him. They even ban the songs completely in India.

This legal action that T-Series took is highly related to the YouTuber’s accusations that were stated in the track ‘Congratulations’. More particularly, the accusations involved Bhushan Kumar - the chairman - being somehow related to a mafia gang in India. Some of them even dug up the sexual assault allegations against T-Series’ director (that were eventually dropped around the beginning of 2019).

Not just that, PewDiePie also seemed to accuse T-Series of starting by offering pirated songs. This accusation is considered as “abusive, vulgar, and also racist in nature“ in T-Series’ pursued court order.