Rob Kenney is the father of two adult children. At the beginning of April 2020, he started his  YouTube channel with a witty title: “Dad, How Do I?” with video guiding how to tie a tie. Just over a month and a half, Kenny’s channel now sits at over 16.8 lakh subscribers, which makes him an official online star. 

Rob Kenney tie
Tieing a tie was Kenney's first instruction on YouTube

Kenney’s passion for helping others comes from his own experience with a troublesome childhood in Bellevue, Washington. He was one of the eight children in the family. They were left with their father after their parents’ divorce, but everything began to turn sideways not long after.

In an interview with the Shattered Magazine, Kenney revealed that though his father got custody of them, he didn’t want his kids at all. His father was too fed up back then. Kenney was only 14 when he had to move into a mobile home and live with his 23-year-old brother after his father’s cruel denial. 

Rob Kenney shave
Rob Kenney's channel now has more than 16.8 lakh subscribers

After growing up and raising two children into consenting adults, the dad wanted to share his insight with the world. He set out to guide the small simple tasks to children, especially those who share his story of fracture homes.

Youtube Screenshot Rob Kenney
Learn how to unclog a bathtub with Kenney

Making a series of guidance videos on useful household tasks was always one of Kenney’s intentions. However, he doesn’t seem to find time to do it, until the Coronavirus pandemic struck. 

“I had lots of excuses, but while we’re in quarantine, I ran out of excuses. I’ve been thinking about it for a while.”

Kenney describes his channel as his best effort at providing useful, practical instructions to the basic tasks that everyone does frequently. So far, he has posted guides on how to shave your face, hoe to hang a shelf, unclog a bathtub drain, and a rainbow of things in between. His videos are the perfect combination of typical dad jokes and valuable instructions. 

Earlier this week, Rob Kenney uploaded a heartfelt thank you video expressing his gratitude towards the subscribers. Some of the fans even call him the “perfect dad”, but Kenney only considers himself an “Internet dad”. He said that he was just a normal dad who failed to do everything right with his kid just like any other. However, when you do wrong, face it, ask for forgiveness, and don’t pretend that you have it all figured out.