Recently, Capcom has made an official statement about their intention to produce a live-action movie for one of their all-time famous game titles - Mega Man. The company is having thoughts about naming the movie after the game - Mega Man.


According to what revealed by Capcom, both Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are going to write and direct the movie. Capcom also has plans to let Masi Oka, the one who portrayed one of the main characters in the widely famous "save the cheerleader, save the world" superpower movie series - Hiro in Heroes, and Chernin Entertainment produce the new movie.

The most noticeable part is that the company reveals the movies around the releasing time of the latest sequel of the series Mega Man - Mega Man 11, which is the 2nd of October. The game is going to be available for PC users on that day which resulted in the game is getting a lot of positives reviews uploaded by users on Steam.

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Monster Hunter - another Capcom IP - is going to have its own movie at some point in the future, too. The bad news is that we still have no idea about the exact releasing dates for both movies mentioned in the article.