We have just seen some first teasing pictures of the newest Batman by Robert Pattinson. Although we all wish that teasing video could be a little bit longer, what we have seen from that teasing video is enough for us to have the first look of what the next three Batman movies of Matt Reeves might look like. But then, this movie is being scheduled for 2021, which is more than one year from now. That is certainly too long for any fans of the Dark Knight. So is there any other available options?

Luckily, there is. Warner Bros. – the studio behind the next three Batman movies – has just announced that in the spring of this year 2020, there would be a totally new Batman theme restaurant being opened. This new Batman theme restaurant will be located in London, and it will be the first restaurant with a superhero theme being open in this city.

Park Row Concept 01
The concept of the restaurant

This restaurant is a big investment from Warner Bros., as the studio has promised to bring the most “Batman” experience to the customer of the restaurant. This new restaurant will be called Park Row – one of the dirtiest neighborhoods in Gotham. The restaurant will be in a basement (just like a Bat Cave), and it will have separated area for different iconic characters of DC.

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The introducing poster of Park Row

With so many luxury features being promised, the price for a meal at Park Row will certainly be expensive. According to Warner Bros. itself, an average meal at Park Row is about $58/£45 for one person. But that is just the average price tag at Park Row. As we have said about, this restaurant will have more than one area, and the price tags in different areas are not the same as each other. The most expensive area at Park Row is the "Monarch Theater", and a meal in this area will surely cost you at least $155/£120 for one person.