The universe always contains something interesting and new. We discover new asteroids and planets every day. But if humankind has only been interested in scientific research when carrying out space exploration projects, now we have a new goal: Gold. NASA's made a new discovery: an asteroid with an astounding gold reserve.

Asteroid Psyche 16 - the gold depot of the universe

The United States Space Agency (NASA) is famous for the concussion findings of the universe. It is also the leading agency in the field of astronomy. Every year, NASA announces the discovery of new planets, asteroids, meteorites, etc. However, it is rare to see the results being closely followed as in the case of the asteroid called Psyche 16. The reason is not too difficult to understand, because this is a very special asteroid.

Psyche 16 metal
Psyche 16 is full of precious metals

According to NASA, the asteroid Psyche 16 contains a huge amount of gold that worth about $700 Quadrillion. On top of that, NASA’s research showed that in addition to gold, Pysche 16 also has large amounts of iron and nickel.

Where is this rich asteroid?

NASA said that Psyche 16 is located between Mars and Jupiter, only about 750 million kilometers away from Earth. They estimate that the amount of gold on this planet is enough to give to every citizen on the planet 1 trillion dollars.

Psyche 16 mining
Future technology may help us exploit the universe's gold depot

The shocking figures of Psyche 16's wealth immediately triggered a space mining race between many of the world's great nations in order to control the unique alien resources. 

The race to exploit gold in outer space

In early 2020, NASA announced its research for space metal mining. Many scientists evaluate whether the intention is successful or not depends on two important factors. One, the economic feasibility. And two, the advancement of space technology in the future.

Of course, the United States is not the only country with the ambition to exploit Psyche 16. Other great powers in the world have also jumped into this competition. China is the first country to announce that it will start a race to exploit metal in space. The nation’s experts are confident that they will win easily because of advantages in science, resources, personnel,...

There have been many predictions and analyses made about the results of the space race. Whoever owns Psyche 16, they are certainly having the “Midas touch”.