The beautiful streamer Jasmine was offended by a strange man on her street live-stream. It made her shocked and frightened. The streamer burst into tears right away. It's not the first time Jasmine had such a shocking accident on her street broadcast.

A Strange Man Took Liberties With Streamer Jasmine's Boobs

Apart from gaming, many beautiful female streamers are doing in-real-life content. They will interact with people in real life in those live-streams and record many real-life memories. Although this is interesting and attractive content on broadcast, these streamers also get many risks. A lot of streamers got accidents on those in-real-life (IRL) broadcasts or got unexpected attention from people around.

Jasmine often does IRL live-stream on Twitch.
Jasmine On Twitch
The beautiful streamer got a lot of fans and subscribers on Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram.

The beautiful streamer Jasmine has had an accident on a recent broadcast on the street. In specific, a strange man purposely approached and talked to her when she was doing live-stream on the street. However, that man was also trying to touch her body with his hand. It made Jasmine shocked and frightened. Then, she was so frightened that she ran away immediately

Jasmine Goes Out At Christmas
Jasmine Goes Out At Christmas
Jasmine Makes Irl Content
She often makes IRL content
Jasmine Goes Out
She always looks attractive on her street broadcasts
Twitch Streamer
Many people worried about her safety in her IRL live-streams.

It's not the first time she got harassed on her IRL broadcasts. Previously, she got boob liberties when another strange man touched her boobs on a previous street live-stream. On another broadcast on the beach, she wore a sexy bikini. Then, a lot of strange men on that beach approached her to chat.

Jasmine Got Sexual Harassment
Jasmine Got Sexual Harassment

That video soon became viral on the internet. Many fans and audiences expressed their worry for the beautiful streamer. Many others said that she had to learn how to protect herself first. Although she didn't wear sexy or revealing in the recent live-stream, that man still did that disgusting actions to her. She is still frightened now after that live-stream accident.