“kimcella”, a Twitch Streamer from Texas, got an “insane” donation from a generous fan while broadcasting on Twitch channel. It really made her insane and her jaw-dropping reaction unveiled her amazement.

A Lucky Twitch Streamer

Twitch is a popular live streaming channel that lets the audience support their beloved streamers. Fans can send the broadcasters bits, subscribe to their channel, and even donate to streamers. Some fans even donate their beloved broadcasters with a big sum of cash to show their appreciation and encouragement.

Recently, a female Twitch streamer called “kimcella” got an incredible cash donation of $700 from her fan. She was broadcasting in the capital of Oklahoma when she got the dropping cash. When the streamer was saving bit by bit for her new PC, her fan Seanirish420 added $700 in the entire amount of the computer costs.

Kimcella Got 700 Donation
Kimcella Got $700 Donation

Streamer’s Reaction

This Twitch streamer cannot do or say anything but dropped her jaw and screamed “No, oh my gosh!” when seeing the donation. She was so surprised that she repeatedly said: “This isn’t real!”

The streamer couldn’t hide her excitement and happiness on her face, her smile, and her eyes. She made her donation goal for her new PC. And the big donation came, made the lucky streamer amazed and burst with happiness.

Her Reaction To The Big Donation
Her Reaction To The Big Donation

She couldn’t believe in such a big donation that she asked Seanirish420 whether this donator knew it was real money. That’s really insane, as the Twitch streamer said. “I know you’re real" and explained because he was donating in embers before. She was so moving when saying "...and you can’t… that’s crazy.” Such a big surprise from her true fan. As she said, this is not the first time Sean has donated her. But $700 is really an impressive sum of money.

Hachubby Got A Donation Of 1000
Hachubby Got A Donation Of $1000

Also, kimcella is not the first Twitch broadcaster getting a great donation when going on live-stream. In early June this year, the Twitch star streamer “Hachubby” received $1000 donation. Like kimcella, Hachubby couldn’t also hide her astonishment as well as say anything. The big donation stunned her in a moment.