Vanessa Kirby was born in 1988 in London, England. She has soon started her acting career but in the early days, she preferred developing her performance via roles in Shakespeare’s masterpieces at theatres. However, until she portrayed Princess Margaret in the historical drama series The Crown, the global audience paid more attention to this beautiful rose.

Vanessa Kirby

Her roles as the loose and stubborn younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II helped Vanessa Kirby win the first British Academy Television Award for Best Supporting Actress. At that time, Vanity Fair called her ‘the future of the English screen’. After The Crown, she has become more popular and joined in many blockbusters.

Kirby The Crown

Back in summer 2018, Vanessa Kirby starred opposite Tom Cruise in the renowned Mission: Impossible franchise. To portray the White Widow perfectly, she received warm-hearted support from the senior. The 32-year-old star will soon come back in the two sequels of this franchise.

Kirby Mission Impossible

Following Mission: Impossible, Vanessa Kirby also drew lots of attention when appearing next to The Rock and Jason Statham in Hobbs & Shaw - the spin-off of the Fast & Furious franchise. Talking about her own performing risky action scenes, the English beauty revealed that she wasn’t the one in love with powerful physical activities but directors have helped her change a lot.

Kirby Hobbs Shaw

She has successfully built her own image as an action girl. This year, Vanessa Kirby will reappear on widescreens via multiple standalone movie projects. At the 77th Venice International Film Festival, she gained lots of praise due to her more natural and deeper acting skills via Pieces Of A Woman and The World To Come.

Kirby Mission

In Pieces Of A Woman, she plays Martha - a young mother who loses her newly-born child. This is the first movie she made an appearance as a lead character. Hollywood Reporter also sent a bunch of praise to her efforts.

Kirby Pieces Of A Woman

Meanwhile, The World To Come revolves around a love story of two women in the US border in the 1950s. In this movie, Vanessa Kirby and Katherine Waterston have a passionate and romantic relationship regardless of their marriage. Kirby’s sophisticated performance must be the notable highlight of the whole movie.

Kirby World To Come

Her comeback has obviously gained initial success. Her two movies that premiered at the Venice Film Festival may help her earn at least one Oscar nomination. In the upcoming time, the English actress will team up with French beauty Marion Cotillard in the project The Brutalist - a movie that is directed by Joel Edgerton and scheduled to film in early 2021.

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