Adam Savage has long been widely-known for being the co-host of the popular show Mythbusters. Now, he appears to have returned to Discovery Channel but with an entirely new show called Savage Builds. In every single episode throughout the whole series, Savage would go out and build something. He would, of course, consult with other builders as well as experts before carrying out building anything.

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Adam Savage is back to Discovery Channel with Savage Builds

Savage Builds has just started airing on Discovery Channel. Apparently, in the very first episode of the series, he decided to build a human-sized flying Iron Man suit. For your information, the suit is currently available for free online. The offer (in the US, at least) will last for two weeks from now.

Many actually reckon this show is a builder’s version of Mythbusters. The host would take something from history or pop culture. And then, they would recreate a version which can function as similarly as it can to the on-screen counterpart.

During the very first episode of the series, Savage decides that he would build an Iron Man suit. This real-life version flying suit is also bulletproof.

In order to do so, Savage 3D printed the whole Mark II armor of Iron Man. He used titanium as the main material while printing this armor from the Marvel films. After getting every piece together, he shot it a few times it to check how well it can hold up. He also consulted Richard Browning from Gravity Industries to get the armor up in the air. Browning is well known for designing as well as flying a jetpack of his own.

Savage stated during a video for Tested that “This is a building show, the trials, the process, the tribulations, the collaborations, the failures.” For now, there will be eight episodes for this series. Besides, throughout the series they will build much other stuff such as the Great Panjandrum of the British army or a trio of cars with Mad Max style, and so on.