This is the story of Zhang Fei, a young Chinese man from Sichuan, and his journey to get a university degree. 

Getting into university is supposed to be an important landmark in every student’s life. Most people only take 1 or 2 entrance exams during their lifetime. There are even elderly people who are too old to go to school but still proudly take college entrance exams. They fight many times and fail, but refuse to give up their college dreams. However, things are a little bit different for Zhang Fei. He took the most important exam in his life, time after time, and eventually passed them all with incredibly high scores.

From 2003 to 2007, Zhang Fei took four entrance exams. He made it into Fudan University, then Peking University, and was admitted to Tsinghua University two times. These are all top choices for university in China and the dream of many. Zhang Fei passed the test not once, but 4 times. 

Chinese man expelled 4 times zhang fei
Meet Zhang Fei

The first test, Zhang Fei scored 619 points but because that year the benchmark is higher than the previous years, so Zhang Fei couldn’t get in the Peking University. Fudan University, however, did send him an invitation that he refused. Zhang Fei chose to revise from the beginning and determined to make it into Peking University the next year.

Zhang Fei's second score was lower than the first because the exam was more difficult. However, it also lowered the university benchmark. Thus, with a score of 600, Zhang Fei fulfilled the dream of studying at Peking University.

Though he thought he had fulfilled his dream, why did Zhang Fei still take another university exam?

Chinese man expelled 4 times study
Zhang Fei studied very hard to achieve his dream

As it turned out, in the first year of attending the prestigious institution, Zhang Fei immersed himself in online gaming. He neglected his study and owed seven subjects. According to the regulations of Peking University, students who owe more than 5 subjects will be expelled. 

Not deterred, Zhang Fei started from the bottom and took the university exam again. His goal this time is Tsinghua University. He excelled in his results with an extremely high score - 703 points. Zhang Fei became the valedictorian of the Natural Sciences Department at Tsinghua University. But, learned nothing from the incident at Peking University, Zhang Fei made the same mistake once again: immersing himself in the virtual world. Expelled again, Zhang Fei let his relatives, friends, and family down.

Zhang Fei shared that gaming wasn’t the only reason why he got expelled. It was mainly because he didn’t enjoy the major that he studied at that time.

Then Zhang Fei decided to take the 4th university exam in his life and the goal was still Tsinghua University. Since he hadn’t touched the books for so long, this time it was a little difficult. But with diligence, he still scored 677 points and entered Tsinghua University again. Zhang Fei stayed focus on studying. Although his GPA was not too high, at least he never dropped out.

Chinese man expelled 4 times degree
Zhang Fei finally got a degree from Tsinghua University

Zhang Fei is truly a genius when it comes to taking college exams. He would have had a bright future, had it not been for his gaming addiction. Zhang Fei's relatives also mentioned that he was an introvert during his school days. He had difficulty communicating with people around, which gradually led to gaming addiction. Zhang Fei's teacher also said that he was relatively lonely.