An 11-year-old GTA player is addicted to this game so bad that he drove a real car. Then, the local police appeared and stopped him. This story was posted on the official twitter of the Lancs Road Police where the incident occurred. Check out this story here with

11-Year-Old GTA Addict Drove A Real Car

Grand Theft Auto is considered as a legendary game in the gaming world with over 23 years of development. It also attracted a huge number of players, fans, and also game addicts. And crazy things always happen around those game addicts.

Gta Addict Spends His All Day Playing The Game On
GTA addict spends his all day playing the game on PS

According to the Britain press, an 11-year-old GTA player is so addicted to this game that he spends all his day on the game. He nearly sticks to the Play Station and plays GTA. One of his family members was fed up with it and tried to bring him out. This family member convinced him that driving a real car is much more exciting than driving fake cars in the game.

11 Year Old Gta Addict Drove A Car
11-Year-Old GTA Addict Drove A Real Car

Then, he brought the game-addicted boy to practice driving a car in a car park in Blackpool, their neighborhood. They sat on a Vauxhall Astra and drove around the car park. Then, local police officers appeared and stopped them when spotting an 11-year-old sitting behind the wheel.

This action committed the traffic rule and they got a penalty. In England, you must be over 15 years 9 months old to be old enough to drive a car. Moreover, you must have a driver's license, too.

They Drove Around The Car Park Near Their House

The local police also reported this incident on their official twitter. They also wrote that the adult, 11-year-old game addict’s family member, was reported for traffic offenses. Moreover, the police also expressed their shock about that incident. They couldn't believe that someone can let an 11-year-old boy sit behind the wheel.