The next Mortal Kombat movie reboot will be an R-rate movie (movie for 18+ adults only), as this film will feature a lot of crazy fatality moves – a classic aspect of all Mortal Kombat titles. This movie will be produced by director famous James Wan, who created the Saw movie series, or Aquaman. This movie is working hard on the recruiting its cast, and we have down here all the confirmed casts for the movie so far

Mehcad Brooks playing Jackson “Jax” Briggs

Mehcad Brooks and Jackson “Jax” Briggs character

The actor of famous TV series Mehcad Brooks will be playing the role of Super Soldier Jackson “Jax” Briggs, who is an officer of Special Forces with a cyborg arm to enhance his combat ability. Previously, Mehcad Brooks starred in TV series like Supergirl, The Game, Desperate Housewives.

Tadanobu Asano playing Raiden

Tadanobu Asano and Raiden character

This actor was in Thor: Ragnarok as Hogun, a soldier in Asgard. While his fate might be short and unfortunate in Thor: Ragnarok (killed by Hela), Tadanobu Asano will be upgraded to a celestial being with the ability of controlling lighting and teleporting.

Sisi Stringer playing Mileena

Sisi Stringer and Mileena character

Sisi Stringer is a really new name in Hollywood. She has not featured in any movie yet, but she will have her chance to prove herself in this Mortal Kombat reboot movie. Her role will be Mileena, the evil clone of Kitana. Mileena is created with one purpose only: killing Kitana.

Ludi Lin playing Liu Kang

Ludi Lin and Liu Kang character

Ludi Lin actually had the chance to work with director James Wan in Aquaman movie. This actor was also in the 2017 Power Ranger movie as the Black Ranger. He also stared in episode 1 of Black Mirror ss5. In this Mortal Kombat movie, he will be Liu Kang, the main character of the movie, as well as of the whole franchise.

Joe Taslim playing Sub-Zero

Joe Taslim and Sub-Zero character

Last but not least, Joe Taslim. Fans of martial art movies will surely know him from The Raid Redemption, an exceptionally successful martial art movie. In this movie, he will put on the freezing equipment to become Sub-Zero – one of the most iconic characters of the whole franchise.

Mortal Kombat reboot movie is expected to begin the filming process at the end of 2019 in Australia, and it will hit the big screens in the early of 2021.