Amid the coronavirus outbreak in America, many facilities such as schools, restaurants, bars,... are forced to close to keep the virus from spreading. People are recommended to stay home whenever they can and not to go out unless there is an emergency.  However, these methods really hurt the economy of the country and more importantly, the livelihood of many people.

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Americans might get up to Rs 74,000 lakh from the government

In a recent press conference in the White House, President Donal Trump has just revealed his secret plan to tackle this problem. The Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, said that he was discussing with Congress about a plan to send money to all Americans.

According to Mr. Trump, some people might even get up to Rs 74,000. He also advised people to refrain from traveling around the country and stay in their homes.

"The world is at war with a hidden enemy. WE WILL WIN!" Donald Trump said on Twitter.

In one of the latest attempts to stop the coronavirus, we found out that President Trump offered $1 billion to move a coronavirus vaccine research from Germany to America to own the vaccine exclusively.

Trump tries to buy a coronavirus vaccine research in Germany 'Only For United States'

Vice President Mike Pence said that he was calling out for companies to donate N95 masks to local hospitals and not to buy any more masks to save them for doctors.

The coronavirus is becoming more damaging to the economy in America. As more companies close temporarily because of the outbreak, more people suffer from unemployment.

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Some greedy Americans try to take advantage of the coronavirus

The coronavirus virus also makes the market of some medical necessities to rise in demand in America. Of course, some people attempted to stockpile these items and then sold them online at a much higher price. Thankfully, these people quickly got their karma as Amazon and eBay banned such sellers on their platforms.