There are at least three Nigerians and one American people died of using a Chloroquine overdose. It’s a special malaria medication that was said to be a coronavirus cure by President Trump.

According to CNN, the Nigerian Health Office warned people about using chloroquine, a special malaria medication. It’s because three Nigerians from the capital city, Lagos got poisoning after taking an overdose of this medicine.

Lagos Police Warned People About Fake News In Coro
Lagos police warned people about fake news in coronavirus outbreak

Meanwhile, a man from Phoenix city, Arizona State, the USA died of using this medicine to treat coronavirus. Moreover, his wife is also in severe health condition due to the same reason.

Trump’s Statement About Chloroquine’s Effectiveness In Treating Coronavirus

Last week, US President Donald Trump stated that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved that chloroquine is effective in treating coronavirus in a meeting in the White House. He said they could produce this Covid-19 cure instantly. FDA approved the effectiveness of this medicine.

However, the FDA immediately confirmed that they hadn’t approved anything like what Trump said in the meeting. They also said they were testing its effectiveness in fighting Covid-19.

Donald Trump Chloroquine
Donald Trump said Chloroquine can treat coronavirus

After Trump’s statement, the price of chloroquine in Lagos increased rapidly. People in this megacity said the price of this medicine increased by four times in a few minutes.

Kayode Fabunmi, a lawyer from Lagos said the sellers increased the price. They also told their customers that Trump said it could kill coronavirus. Lagos Health Office warned its citizens that there was no evidence proving chloroquine’s effectiveness in fighting Covid-19.

A Man From The Us Died Of Taking Chloroquine Overd
A Man From The US Died Of Taking Chloroquine Overdose

Besides, a man in Vietnam was also hospitalized after taking this medicine for coronavirus prevention. Then, he got poisoning and other life-threatening symptoms.

Chloroquine is tested in treating coronavirus In China, the USA, and many other countries. However, there is no evidence proving this medicine can be a coronavirus cure. Professor Michel Yao, the Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme in Africa said there were 20 medicines and vaccines tested across the world. But he also confirmed that no certain medicine had been found.