Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms on the internet. That is why we've seen hilarious and unexpected moments so regularly on the platform, and sometimes they can be dangerous. This incident below is an example.

Twitch is a well-known streaming platform.

Streamer “Tokyoshroom” had an unusual experience during an Overwatch stream. Although there were no Ana's grenades involved, an explosion still occurred, in real life.

Equipment not working correctly is kinda normal. But this time, “Tokyoshroom” has gotten into a situation that he would never want to face again: his Bluetooth speaker literally turned into a timed bomb!

Friendly Fire Overwatch
The accident happened in the middle of an Overwatch stream.

“Tokyoshroom” was so into his game until an awful noise suddenly interrupted his broadcast, making sparks flying towards his face.

We could see a stream of fire burst out from the side of his desk, while our streamer falling backward. The live-stream also ended shortly after.

Unfortunately, for some reasons, his Bluetooth speaker actually exploded when he was playing Overwatch, giving him some burn during the process.

In a Reddit thread, “Tokyoshroom” has confirmed that he got burned by the explosion.

“Got burned on my left leg? Tokyoshroom wrote, later jokingly saying that he was able to keep his life, as some Reddit users had humorously commented about his death before.

Reddit Tokyoshroom Comments Speaker
Tokyoshroom jokingly comments on a Reddit thread about his condition.

In fact, this is not the first time we've witnessed an "explosive" live-stream. This kind of incident once happened to “Orhae” - a Korean streamer. She almost got her house on fire, after her cat naughtily turned on the infrared stove.

She was calling out for her cat and ended up finding her stove turned on. There was a plastic package laying on the top of the stove, burning fiercely.

Fortunately, “Orhae” managed to put out the fire while her cat was just showing an innocent face and stretching himself on the floor as she remedied the accident.

Thankfully, both mentioned streamers went through their own incidents without a real injury. We can see “Tokyoshroom” even joked about his condition as a distraction from the deadly blast happened to him.