To many streamers from every corner of the world, Twitch is like their home. They all have their own unique content, which means there are a wide range of different content on Twitch. Therefore, it's not very surprising to see someone streaming their private bounty hunting business in real life.

In his stream on June 17, streamer StephenIRL showed his viewers his bounty-pursuing process on a woman. The result of that process was completely unpredictable.

Twitch Irl Bounty Hunter Stream
StephenIRL and his colleague were pursuing a private bounty when they had to bust the door down.

Why was there door-busting scene?

During their bounty hunt, StephenIRL and his colleague were on the hunt for a woman whose name was 'Samantha'. Although it wasn’t clear what she had actually committed, she appeared to have been hiding from police for a while.

"That's her! Look at her tattoo!" one of them exclaimed when they arrived at the suspect's house. Then, they quickly got out of theỉ car and went straight to her front door and shouted "Hey, Samantha, I need you to come on out!"

"No!" responded the lady, then she shut the door right in the bounty hunters’ faces. They were afraid that she might try to escape justice one more time. Therefore, one of them told the other to step back before kicking in her front door. He managed to bust the door open with full force
They commanded her to step out with her hands up. However, that was, unfortunately, also when the connection of the stream started to fail.

But then came the unexpected ending..

After arresting the woman, they brought her to a place which seemed very much like a police station. There, StephenIRL asked her why she had chosen to shut her door and run off. Because it would have been much easier for her to just submit as well as get over with the ordeal.

Her explanation for it was due to his colleague’s skin color.

"Oh, come on!" StephenIRL exclaimed, before both of them bursted into laughter. "She saw a black guy, so she shut the door!"

Samantha tried to further explain herself. However, they ignored her and carried on making fun of her, trying to make light of this weird situation.

This is a friendly reminder to the viewers that the world of Twitch contains countless unexpectations - there will always be something that keeps you on your toes.