The lockdowns which many of us are having to go through as a result of the new coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic give us plenty of free time in front of the screen to relax and play video games. The WHO has actually recommended 'gaming at home' as a viable activity during this lockdown period, even though the organization considered video game addiction a mental disorder last year. But that's where the "Anti-Gaming Spray" comes into play.

For those with a partner or family member who can't stand them spending so much time playing video games, this could create more stress and relationship issues. Which is why a Canadian company came up with an "Anti-Gaming Spray" whose purpose is exactly what the name implies, to keep a gamer away from their favorite gaming console/PC/mobile devices.

Can an "Anti-Gaming Spray" help with video game addiction?

According to the website which sells this product, they claim to have tested on "35 un-satisfied relationships in a consumer study over a period of 5 weeks"  and has even received some positive testimonies that reinforce the claim that it can be an effective "anti-gaming" solution.

anti-gaming spray video game addiction testimonies
The testimonies for the product are apparently quite glowing

Here's what the "Anti-Gaming Spray" claims to do as per the product's description:

Our ‘Anti-Gaming Spray’:

  • Keeps crafty gamers away from consoles
  • Is ideal for use in the home
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • A great gift for put-upon partners

Use Anti-Gaming Spray to stop your partner from playing video games. It’s time to take back the controller. This spritz will repel anyone who’s reaching for the console. Created with fed-up family members in mind, this stench has been developed to keep the gamer in your life from getting hooked on the latest release. Just remember to press save before you spray.

video game addiction anti-gaming spray Apparently Exists To Make Your Controller Gross
Cure video gaming addiction for only Rs 450!

But serious studies have shown that video gaming addiction can lead to relationships being broken, including marriages. In the UK, 200 divorce court cases cited the game Fortnite as playing a role in their breakups.

Which probably explains why a Safe-For-Work TikTok trend of girlfriends undressing and appearing in front of their boyfriends with their eyes glued to the screen has been gaining so much traction lately. Anything that can build relationships when we are stressed and clamped up together is worth being spread around.

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