The coronavirus has been spreading really fast all over the world. Even India is starting to get involved with the first 28 cases confirmed to have COVID-19 and 36 suspected cases with infection symptoms. The situation is already very alarming right now and people need to take extra steps of precaution to stop the virus from spreading further. Even Bollywood celebrities are starting to warn their fans on their social media about the threat of the virus and ways to not get infected. Let's check out how each Bollywood celebrity does their part in this coronavirus outbreak.

Anushka Sharma and Anand Ahuja share steps of basic precautions for coronavirus such as not doing handshakes, high five, and cleaning hands frequently and properly.


Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife Tahira also shared the story about how she got a panic attack on her trip to Delhi when she saw everyone is wearing a mask at the airport.

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Tahira has a panic attack seeing everyone with a mask in the airport

The famous Indian actor Anupam Kher also posts a video to encourage everyone to wash hands and greet each other by using Namaste, the traditional Indian way of greeting, instead of shaking hands.

Anupam Kher encourage people to use the traditional greeting way of Indian

The Bollywood actor and former 18+ actress Sunne Leone post a picture of her with a classy N95 mask and sunglasses to warn people about the danger of coronavirus in India. in a recent viral video, we can even see the famous actress refuses to take a picture with a fan to protect herself and everyone around her from the virus.

Deepika Padukone always wear a mask outside to protect herself

Deepika Padukone willingly canceled her visit to Paris Fashion Week because of the coronavirus outbreak in France. Instead, the Bollywood actress cheered for the event remotely on her Instagram.

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Deepika Padukone canceled her trip to Paris Fashion Week