As we have reported, Apex Legends number one Twitch streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has gone through 2 surgeries due to an automobile accident with his scooter. Although after the first surgery, the situation looked good and Shroud could even do some streams. However, after the second surgery, Shroud had to announce that his elbow got hurt so bad that he could not stream for a while.

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Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek

However, luck has not abandoned Shroud. This streamer has shocked his fans when he suddenly announced that he would be streaming, and he kept his words. Not only so, but he also shared his surgery story, which possibly one of the coolest surgery story for a streamer.

Just before he entered his second surgery, Shroud was recognized by one doctor. Thanks to this, the surgeon for Shroud has changed his surgery with an unorthodox maneuver. This change allows our streamer to stream more comfortably while recovering.


This is certainly great news for Shroud and his fans. This streaer had just surpassed the 100.000 subscriber milestone for his Twitch channel for a few days before he got into this accident. Moreover, he was also informed that he would not need a third surgery. Some fans may have concerns about his form after two surgeries, but Shroud proved that he has not lost his ability after a few hours play Apex Legends.

Screenshot 2
Shroud will be back to his form in no time