In every game, there is a soldier character that aimed at fighting others, and its role is too obvious that everyone can play it without having to know the storyline of the game beforehand. In Apex Legends, it is definitely Bangalore. All of her equipped features turn her into a perfect combat-focused character.But Bangalore is more than just a fighter. He has the abilities to be a supporter and can fit any teams. To be able to bring the best of her, Bangalore players should combine their abilities with other teammate's to be able to win the game.

Double Time – Passive

Apex Legends Bangalore 770x422
When she's getting shouted at, Bangalore can move faster

Using Double Time, Bangalore moves faster for a given period of time which allows her to escape from her enemies’ shoot.
Theoretically, it should be the most useful tool to defense as you can quickly hide from your enemies. In fact, it can also be used to attract a weak enemy’s unit or come closer to your team-mates who needs you.
Bear in mind that the increased speed is only available for a while, so be careful and escape from any dangerous situation as soon as possible.
Smoke Launcher – Q

Apex Legends Smoke 640x360
Remember that this smoke launcher can be a double-edged sword

Smoke Launcher allows Bangalore to use high-velocity smoke canisters that later turns into a wall of smoke when activated.
If you are not familiar with this ability, the smoke you created can blind your enemy or can disclose your position.
However, if being used in a suitable way, the smoke can also offer your team a certain amount of time to support a wounded teammate or to run away from an unexpected threat.

Rolling Thunder – Ultimate

Apex Legends 0
The rolling thunder can be reckon to knock out the other team

The ultimate ability of Bangalore is an artillery strike. This will silently spread out over a small area and later kill anyone who is in it.
Players have to actually enter the area to activate this artillery so that the barrage can be summoned. A wise decision would be not using this ability in battles taking place in towns.
Be aware that your enemies will be damaged only if they have nothing to cover themselves. The barrage cannot get inside buildings and in such cases, this ability will be considered useless.
On the other hand, if you are in an open area or close-range battle, Rolling thunder can be counted on.