Just like virtually every class-based games out there, if you want to be on top of everyone else. Then it’s not a bad idea to get used to using every characters in the game aside from your favourite. No matter if you like supporting others by calling in defensive items and picking your teammates up when they’re down with Lifeline. Or keep an eye on the enemy’s movement to give your team a tactical advantage with Bloodhound. If you really want to be an Apex Legend, do step out of your comfort zone.

In this article, we’re going to guide you into fitting the shoes of Gibraltar - the Tanker, the ‘Shielded Fortress’.

Gibraltar Apex Legends

Much like his imposing, bulky, and heavily armoured appearance. Gibraltar is the one character that can stand in direct fire from the enemy for a long time and somehow, still standing. And that is what your job once you’re in control of Gibraltar is supposed to do. That is to set up shop somewhere at a heavily contested area of the map, and wear the enemies down. Gibraltar’s natural ability to absorb bullets and his abilities will ensure your survival even in the fiercest of gunfights.

Gibraltar is a powerful character later in the game as squads are gathered closer together. But at the beginning when there’s a lot of moving around to be done … you’d find yourself hating choosing Gibraltar in the first place. All of that armour didn’t come without cost, Gibraltar technically traded it over his agility.

Gun Sight - Passive

Gibraltar’s passive ability is pretty nifty when you’re facing down enemies directly ahead. When you aim down the sight, Gibraltar will generate a small shield directly in front of him. Allowing you to pump leads downrange and not die in the first few seconds.

Gibraltar Apex Legends Gun Shield

With this ability, you’d become a fearsome fortress in direct combat. That’s why they’d want to take you out first and focus fire on you. Have no fear, however, as the Gun Sight’s shield will soak up most of the damage.

With the attention laid solely on you, your teammates can take that chance to flank the enemies right where it hurts and end the fight.


But understand that the shield is not impenetrable. It only prolongs your survival against enemies’ fires. Be sure to dive behind covers whenever you could, even if it’s pretty tempting to go full Rambo. Believe me, you wouldn’t be alive to feel the glory for long if you do that.

Dome of Protection - Tactical (Q)

Just like the name suggests, the moment you hit Q, Gibraltar will drop a massive, dome-shaped shield that cover a broad area. You can use this active ability to protect yourself, your teammates, or build a stronghold in an area.

Unlike Gun Sight, a Dome of Protection is massive and is impervious to all kinds of attacks. That’s why some players like to drop a Q to provide their teammates with a temporary cover to retreat from an enemy’s flanking.


Of course, the Dome wouldn’t be there forever. That’s why you will have to learn how, when, and where to use it so as to get the full effect of the ability. Since it’s largely a supportive ability, if you can communicate and have a good Lifeline player, your team would be next to unbeatable. By dropping a Dome to provide a temporary relief from gunfire and Lifeline running around and healing your teammates. You can continue your push without having to retreat, regroup, and resupply.

Just remember that the Dome works both ways.

Enemies’ weapons can reach you and your teammates tucked inside the Dome. Your team’s weapons won’t be able to fire out from within, either. That’s why I told you to learn how to use it wisely. Because if you don’t, the Dome would either go to waste, or make your team a sitting duck altogether.

Defensive Bombardment - Ultimate

This is Gibraltar’s only ability that’s geared toward offensive. Neither generating a small, nor a massive shield. Gibraltar’s ultimate sent down on top of the enemy’s head a mortar bombardment that could easily demolish an entire team if used correctly.

Bangalore and Gibraltar technically shared the same bombardment ability. But while Bangalore’s bombardment gradually inches forward. Gibraltar’s bombardment rains down densely and concentrated on a single area marked by the grenade you can throw to active the Ultimate.

Gibraltar Apex Legends Bombardment

The ‘Defensive’ in Defensive Bombardment will be understood once you combine it with Gibraltar’s Q ability.

If you’re surrounded and hopelessly outgunned, drop a Q around you and your team. Then mark the bombardment right down at your feet. The Dome will keep your team safe from the ensuing bombardment, but gives the enemies a very difficult choice.

They can either turn their tail and run, then miss out on the kills. Or they can suicidally charge straight at you, hoping to slip through your Dome before the bombardment hit. But usually, anyone who’s foolish enough to try is going to be a clean kill for you once they slip through.

Use your abilities right, and you might just become the pillar that your teammates need on the way to victory.