If you have not just come out from a cave, then you must have known about Google Stadia. This game-streaming platform will give you access to a huge game store, as well as allowing you to play AAA games even on your mobile phone, as long as your internet connection speed is faster than 25mbps.

Google Launching Game Streaming Service Stadia
Google Stadia has the mission of changing the way the world plays games

Of course, this movement of Google to the gaming industry has triggered many other big names in the tech industry. Gaming and esports are the trends of the world now, so every huge corporation wants a piece in that cake. Apple, without a doubt, realizes the trend and just a few hours ago, it has released its own counterpart to Google Stadia.

On March 25, Apple held a conference to announce a lot of innovations for the future coming soon to their devices. The highlight of the conference is the introduction of Apple Arcade. This is a subscription service based on the App Store for Apple devices. This is the hope of Apple to cope with Google Stadia.

This service will charge you a small amount of fee every month, but if you choose to subscribe to this service, you will have access to a game library of more than 100 games without any other payments needed. Moreover, this subscription service will feature no ads at all, with the capability of playing offline – the things that we rarely see in any other services of Apple.

Apple Games
Apple Arcade's interesting features

Apple Arcade will be available on all Apple’s devices: iOS, tvOS, and macOS for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. Plus, you will be able to sync your gaming process between devices. This feature will certainly help you save a lot of time with your gaming journeys.


Although there has been no announcement for the fee of Apple Arcade, we will soon know this information since Apple promised to launch Arcade this Fall 2019, and this service will be accessible in more than 150 countries all over the world.