There have been many reports that Aquaman is one of DCEU's best movies and this has been proven through the ability to sustain the box office position since it was released so far. According to The Hollywood Reporter report, since being officially screened on December 21, Aquaman has always been the first choice when it comes to theaters around the world and is expected to hold on that position comes this weekend. The film features Jason Momoa as Aquaman and other famous actors like Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, ...

Aquaman is able to surpass the high sales of The Dark Knight Rises this weekend

Currently, the audience's interest in Aquaman has not decreased and, following this momentum, Aquaman will earn more than $1 billion by the end of this week around the world. If it happens as expected, Aquaman will become DC Entertainment's first film to achieve this milestone, since The Dark Knight Rises earned $ 1,084 billion in 2012.

Aquaman surpassed the sales of Batman vs Superman around the world

In DCEU, Batman vs Superman also had a very high-grossing film worldwide - $ 873 million. While both BvS and Aquaman have benefited a lot from the international box office, they are still behind the sales of Wonder Woman in the country. Based on per Box Office Mojo, DC Entertainment's Wonder Woman has earned $421 million in the North American market, far more than Aquaman has only earned $ 268 million. Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman also have almost the same revenue in the domestic market. This shows that Aquaman has a huge attraction for foreign markets when its $ 700 million in revenue comes from international box offices.

Wonder Woman is still at the forefront of DCEU films with the highest gross domestic sales

DCEU has had a great success for Aquaman but we still can't know their next plans will be able to maintain the audience's interest in their superhero characters. We all know DCEU's upcoming film will be about Shazam. Aquaman was released to the public for the first time in the Justice League and was then well received in his own film. But for Shazam, this will be the first time he is introduced to the audience through the big screen. Does it have the same charm as Aquaman? All questions will be answered when Shazam is officially launched on April 5 this year.

Shazam will be the next DC character to appear on the big screen