As one of DC’s superhero movies that has just released at the end of 2018, Aquaman has been holding the number one position in the number of tickets sold in the global box offices. The total proceeds that this movie has brought back to the company worldwide is currently estimated at US$751.8 million, which is a huge number.

The film with the main character starred by Jason Momoa is expected to hit a new milestone of US$900 million in revenue soon since it was first released, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Should it achieve this milestone, it will surpass the previous DC's big hit, the Dark Knight Rises which was launched in 2012 (US$1.09 billion) to become the DC's movie with the highest revenue ever.

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Aquaman, the DC's latest movie to hit the cinema, is shaping up to be the biggest success for the company since 2012 The Dark Knight Rises

This latest DC blockbuster movie has already overcome the total revenue of a lot of DC's movies such as Justice League with US$657.9 million in revenue, Suicide Squad with US$746.8 million, and Man of Steel with US$668 after only a few weeks. It is predicted that Aquaman will soon win other DC’s previous biggest movies in revenue like Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice with US$873.6 million and Wonder Woman with US$821.8 million.

In addition, in the international markets, Aquaman is gaining a lot of other achievements. It has totally brought back US$564.2 million from the global markets. Especially in Chinese market, the audiences here have been a huge part of this movie's revenue by contributing up to US$260 million. Meanwhile, in the U.S market, it has earned US$189.4 million.

It is known that the cast of the movie includes many stars like Aquaman’s Jason Momoa, Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, and Patrick Wilson.