Previously, we have had an article about the topic of whether or not we should host all-female esports tournaments. This idea coming from the fact that all-female pro teams usually come short when they face all-male pro teams. Furthermore, the players from these all-female pro teams are getting bullied and harassed much.

Vaevictis All Female Esports League Team 1
Vaevictis esports with all-female roster is not playing well in the LCL

We strongly believe that those tournaments will do more harm than good for the whole esports industry. The belief that women are being bullied in the esports scene is ridiculously wrong. All people in esports are equal, and they are all being equally bullied.

Male esports pro players are receiving as much bully, harassment, discrimination as female esports pro players. They just simply do not voice out about those issues. In esports industry, what matters the most is your skills. At the end of the day, the fans will honor the winners, not the losers.

Tarik Cloud9
Even males pro players from big esports teams get bullied

So having esports championships for women only is basically telling them that you will never be as good as male pro players, so here is a playground of your own so that you can win in here. That thing is naturally against all the feminism campaigns nowadays. Female-only esports tournaments are just another the way of saying: you will never be successful in here, just go home. These kinds of ideas should be thrown into the trash can right now.

So what can we do to offer some places for women in the esports and gaming industries? Naturally, perhaps we should accept that each sex has its own advantages and responsibility. Perhaps being pro players is not something women can normally do. But that does not mean there is no place for women in the gaming and esports scenes.

If we see esports as a battlefield, then the esports pro players are certainly soldiers in the battlefront. Yes, there are female soldiers who are as great as male soldiers, but it is a fact that battlefront may not be an ideal place for women in general. The same logic is applied to the esports field. If not many women can be pro players, that is fine. The women still can do so many things in the esports scene: commentators, coaching positions, analysts …. These positions receive as much respect from the community as pro players, even more sometimes.

Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden is a famous and respected commentator of Dota2

My point is, if women can't be as good as men in the position of pro players, it is fine. In the end, if women are just like men, then what is the point of having 2 genders? Women still can play important parts in the gaming and esports industry, perhaps just not as pro players.