What is gaming addiction

According to the World Health Organization, gaming disorder is now a medical condition. It is officially recognized as an addiction disorder. However, to figure out the difference between gaming addiction, compulsion, and harmless fascination, people need a better understanding.

Addictions have been existing for centuries in the form of alcoholism or opioid addictions. Addiction seems to automatically relate to alcohol or drugs. It is often hard to expect people to understand a not drug-related addiction. Not to mention this is a kind of addiction of something which dates back for about 60 years.

Studies Have Suggested That Gaming Disorder Affect
Studies have suggested that gaming disorder affects only a small proportion of people that engage in video gaming activities, according to WHO.

If you find yourself among those people who don’t get much the idea of what game addiction actually is, there is a board of specialists that can help you.

A group of experts including Psychiatrist James Sherer, Journalist Susan Ardent, Blogger Jonathan Holmes and Social Worker Geoffrey Brewer works together and the results are positive.

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Sometimes it is too irresistible

What are the symptoms?

They help the audience to figure out which games would likely lead to playing patterns that are the same as a gambling addiction.

Furthermore, they discuss the long history of how media treats playing games like a deviant and dangerous behavior and how AAA games try to make gaming more addictive. People can also get the whole idea of how hard-to-quit games indulge them once they pick up the controller.

On May 25 Who Published The Latest Edition Of Its
On May 25, WHO published the latest edition of its International Classification of Diseases with gaming addiction in it.

James Shere also hosts a podcast named The Psychiatrist’s Guide if you find it interesting to learn more of the issue. The podcast features Shere himself and Rafael Coira, who appears as one of the first behavior health clinicians to bring up the concept that video games are a normal entertainment.

It is believed that thanks to these concerned contributors, the idea of what game addiction would be much clearer in the near future.