The famous pirate MMO game Atlas had to be taken offline by its own developer Grapeshot Games – a branch of Ark’s developer Studio Wildcard – after a lot of cheating incidents happened in game by a group of bad players.

The accident began with a group of players in the stream hosted BurkeBlack. In the stream, BurkeBlack, wearing very attractive outfits, was planning on taking down the boat of the enemy with his teammates when, out of the blue, a bunch of whales appeared surrounding the enemy’s ship and interrupted the plan.


The cheats even went further in their actions. Later on in the same stream, BurkeBlack’s ship was sailing peacefully when a plane passed by and dropped a boom, which nearly hit his ship. This is unacceptable since nobody has ever expected to see a plane in Atlas – a pirate game.

At the same time, some other players captured videos they encountered armoured tanks, which seemed to come from the same group of bad players.

On the official subreddit of Atlas, this experience has been share quickly, which later resulted in a temporary shutdown of the official network of the game.  Grapeshot Games had to do that for investigation purposes. When the servers came back online, they had been rewinded for about 5 and a half hours

Of course, later on, Grapeshot Games did issue a statement regarding the incident. Nevertheless, this statement by Atlas’ live producer and lead community manager Mr. Jatheish disappointed the community since he blamed the incidents on the possibility that "an admin's Steam account was compromised", not a hack or some issues with the security system of the game. Without a doubt, this received a lot of criticism since the community saw this as a very irresponsible action of Grapeshot Games. Moreover, Grapeshot Games has not mentioned anything about the punishment for the group of mentioning cheating players, and this also put a lot more oil into the existing fire.

Seeing all the journey of Atlas, we can agree with each other that this game has not had a smooth sail since day one. After not once, but three times missing the planned release date, Grapeshot Games decided to release the game for streamers only, which is a very unusual thing. When finally every gamers can access to Atlas, it received quite a lot of negative review for bad quality and some footage (a hidden menu in the game) referring that Atlas was first intended to be an Ark’s DLC expansion. Nevertheless, the game is still standing at 17th position in the list of most popular games on Steam, with more than 31.000 players currently.

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