It's a while since Avengers: Endgame has aired on the scenes and left a lot of sorrowful feelings for fans. And while people still can't get over the tear-shedding "I love you 3000" quotes from our beloved Tony Stark aka Iron Man and the sacrifice of Black Widow, Disney+ has given us these new scenes.

Avengers Deleted Scenes Tony Meets Grown Up Morgan
The feels haven't been faded much since the movie ends

To be more specific, the first one is the alternative battle scenes at Vomir that Hawkeye and Black Widow fight for the Soul Stones, but not against each other, but against Thanos's troops. And the remaining one is the scene with the last farewell of Tony Stark with his little girl - Morgan in the Soul World that will steal your tears again.

If you have seen Avengers: Endgame (very strange if you haven't), let's skip this warning and get right into them. But if you haven't watched it yet, maybe bookmark or save this article elsewhere for later!

Deleted Scene 1: Different Vomir Battle

Starting with the softer one first before getting into the saddening scene, let's see the different Vormir battle to get the Soul Stone.

In the original movie, Hawkeye and Black Widow fight each other to become the one to sacrifice for the world's goods. The two have a lot of ties together back from the past, and no ones want the other to die. That was the most touching battle that I've seen between opponents loving each other to death. And you've already known the result: Natasha has died, leaving Hawkeye with the Soul Stones.

Avengers Deleted Scenes Tony Meets Grown Up Morgan
Your sacrifice will be remembered, Natasha!

However, it's completely different in this alternative scenes. You can see it down here first if you want (Youtube deleted the videos for copyrights, so enjoy this instead):

In this scene, Hawkeye and Black Widow still argue on who will be the one to sacrifice at first. However, they'll never have the chance to do so, as Thanos' minions come to prevent the Avengers get the Soul Stones.

In the middle of the gunfight, Natasha runs out of her cover before the mark of Hawkeye with every force she can to get to the sacrifice ring. She later gets hit by enemies rays, but still able to jump off the cliff tough her hand on the ring and become the sacrifice souls in exchange for the Soul Stones for Hawkeye.

Avengers Deleted Scenes Tony Meets Grown Up Morgan
Her last smile is so saddening!

Too bad, the outcomes of this scene is no different: we still lost our beautiful assassin. I think the main reason for this scene to be omitted from the movie is that it's not too logical, as we've seen numerous times the Avengers can deal with enemies' heavy fires without losing anybody. Additionally, the original scene was much more painfully touching, so it's very reasonable.

Deleted Scene 2: Tony's last farewell to Morgan in The Soul World

Now prepare your tissue because this scene is a tough one to get through without leaving your tears. It doesn't conflict with any scenes in the movie, but still got cut for the overall duration.

In detail, the scene starts after Tony's snap to wipe out all Thanos' army happens.  Staring Tony Stark standing in the Soul World, Tony sees a young girl comes to say hi - who said she is "pretty close to him". It doesn't take long for Tony to realize that she is his beloved daughter - Morgan Stark (starred by Katherine Langford) that has grown up and somehow finds a way to this world.

Avengers Deleted Scenes Tony Meets Grown Up Morgan
That's why Katherine Langford appears in the cast but not in the movie

"Guess it work" - that's Tony greetings with Morgan, further confirmed by the girl that it lets her continue to live and work. "For you, I can't answer" - Morgan talks about his sacrifice. The father and daughter exchange words, and in the end, Morgan pleased her father by stating that she's strong like her mother, and will get over Tony's death even through pains and sorrows.

"I love you 3000" - that's the last words from Tony that make fans dead for crying too much.

Avengers Deleted Scenes Tony Meets Grown Up Morgan
I guess Tony has received his final gift!

Even though it's great to have this scene, it's not quite necessary either since the pre-recorded scenes of Tony has done the job very well. It's just for entertainment, and I hope you enjoy them as I do!