The Bollywood action drama Baaghi 3 has officially strike India cinema yesterday. And even though its performance is expected to be affected by the Coronavirus disease, people are still expecting the director Ahmed Khan, the lead actor Tiger Shroff and other casts to do very well with their movie.

And they didn't have to feel disappointed, as Baaghi 3 has a wonderful Day-1, actually the most successful Day-1 of 2020's blockbuster until now. According to Box Office Reports, the third installment of the stunt action series has broken all records of Day-1 ticket sales in 2020!

If you haven't got the chance to see it in cinemas yet, here's the trailer of the movie to urge you to. Have a look with Gurugamer below:

Baaghi 3 surpasses Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior's Day-1 record!

Prior to the movie directed by Ahmed Khan, Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior starring Ajay Devgn and Saif Ali Khan is the Day-1 ticket-sale record holder. To be more specific, Tanhaji has scored Rs 5.18 Crores in the ticket sale on its first day. However, the record has just been broken as Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor reunited in Baaghi 3!

Baaghi 3 Broke Day 1 Ticket Sale Record 3
Tanhaji is the previous record holder after Baaghi 3 aired

In detail, Baaghi 3 has surpassed Rs 5.50 Crores in advance booking just with its Day-1. According to the report from Box Office Reports, the result could have been much higher if it hadn't been for the complicated ongoing of Coronavirus. However, a new movie often strikes hard at its Day-2 (which is Sunday for Baaghi 3), so we can expect this number to rise even higher!

Baaghi 3 Broke Day 1 Ticket Sale Record 4
Baaghi 3 surpasses Rs 5.50 crores in Day-1 ticket sales

At the same time, the third installment of Baaghi is also Tiger Shroff's biggest release by now. The renowned film critic and analyst Taran Adarsh have revealed that the stunt movie was aired in a total of 5500 screens worldwide, 4400 of which come from in India.

Baaghi 3 Broke Day 1 Ticket Sale Record 6
Taran on the screen count of Baaghi 3

Overview on Baaghi 3

Baaghi is one of the most famous action series for not only Bollywood viewers but also Tiger Shroff himself. The first installment in 2016 was a massive explosion at the box office, and with Baaghi 3, Tiger Shroff has reunited with Shraddha Kapoor to make the miracle again.

Baaghi 3 Broke Day 1 Ticket Sale Record 2
Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor reunited after their success in the first installment

In this movie, Tiger Shroff will take the role of Ronnie again, facing a terrorist group who has kidnapped his beloved brothers. Being overly protective on his brother, Ronnie will have to fight alone on his journey to rescue his brother, and nothing can help him more than the stylish actions that Ronnie has long been known of.

Baaghi 3 received mixed reviews on the Internet. Specifically, some find its really entertaining with endless mindless stunts that the six-pack macho protagonist Ronnie starred by Tiger Shroff has provided. The visuals, soundtracks, and dances in the movie are quite outstanding as well, which makes the movie even more viral.

Baaghi 3 Broke Day 1 Ticket Sale Record 5
Tiger Shroff has done a great job with his unimaginable stunt actions

At the same time, many reviewed Baahi 3 lowly for the not-so-special story. After all, it's an action movie that mainly rotates on the main protagonist fighting around to rescue his beloved ones, and that concept is not new anymore, but that's not the problem. In fact, the things that triggered those people more are the counter-physics actions that went a little over the top.

Especially, the role of Shraddha Kapoor is very insignificant, to the point that some even don't understand why she was a part of the story. But that doesn't mean that Shraddha's acting was poor, don't get me wrong on that. She's has done a splendid job on every scene that she takes part in, it's just the story that makes the role faint.

Baaghi 3 Broke Day 1 Ticket Sale Record 7
Shraddha Kapoor has done the best she could

As there are a lot of different ideas on Baaghi 3, we recommend you see the movie for yourself to get your own thoughts. Don't be afraid that it might not worth your time, since the overall experience is very entertaining.

Baaghi 3 Broke Day 1 Ticket Sale Record 1
Let's go and see the muscular Tiger in action!

Have fun!