Luo Qingjun, aged 27, in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, China, has made an instant impression on others due to his fierce face and bold head. He often plays the role of a ‘bad uncle’ and utilizes his ‘advantages’ to scare other parents’ children via his videos so that they can go to sleep soon or eat faster. Luo’s products have received a lot of support from parents.

Bad Uncle 2

It is said that one of his friends failed to tell his kid to go to sleep and decided to ask Luo to record a video to threaten him. Right after watching his face and voice, the kid rapidly followed what he said.

And then, Luo’s friend posted this video on social networks, resulting in a lot of interest from the netizens. Many parents even started to send money to Luo and require him to make more videos with similar content or specific ones such as asking children to eat their meal, go to sleep soon, or tidy up their toys.

Bad Uncle 1

In such videos, Luo often shows a fierce face, rolls his eyes, and says that if the kid doesn’t follow his parents, he will receive a respective punishment from the ‘bad uncle’. For example, in one of his videos with hundreds of thousands of views, he threatened the kid to remember to throw the trash into the bin or he would take the kid away from his parents.

In another video, the bad uncle said to another kid that if she doesn’t do her homework or go to sleep soon, he will handle her.

Bad Uncle
Go to sleep right now or the bad uncle will take you away from your parents!

According to a series of feedback from Chinese parents, his videos are very effective, especially towards children under the age of 5. A father sent a comment to give a special thanks to Luo after his child rapidly slept due to Luo’s video. Another parent also said that her 3-year-old son felt scared and obedient right when seeing him in the video.

Luo Qingjun is not the only one to provide a video of scaring children in China. In the past, there were a lot of hired people to create videos of shouting or threatening children in a bid to make them obey their parents. However, many parents also express their disagreement towards this method because they don’t want their children to face the trauma.

According to Zheng Xiaobian, a psychological professional at Central China Normal University in Wuhan, China, threatening children’s spirit even hides more side-effects than giving a spanking or hitting a hand. Furthermore, this method is no longer effective after a period of time and it isn’t good for their growth.

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