Patrick, who is also known as “H1ghSky1,” has admitted his real age is twelve years old after his Twitch channel has recently been banned for his being underage. The professional Fortnite player from FaZe Clan, the popular esports organization, has moved to another platform, YouTube, to continue his stream with the occasion supervision on camera of his mom.

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Fortnite pro player and streamer H1ghsky1

The streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney filed a lawsuit against FaZe Clan for having signed an 11-year-old player, who was under 13, too young to go live stream on Twitch or take part in the official tournaments of Fortnite. This event has finally shed light on the controversies around the age of Patrick. Not long after the channel of H1ghSky1 on Twitch was banned did the little streamer start broadcasting on YouTube, and confessed to his viewers.  

The YouTube channel of him by now has almost 900,000 subscribers, most of which, however, was gained before the first stream. Although YouTube allows children under 13 to host a video on that platform, those kids can’t sign up for their account, which explains the reason the YouTube account of H1ghSky1 is noted that its “uploads and videos are created by the management team and Patrick’s Guardians.” Also, YouTube has recently added a restriction on children’s streaming with no supervision. With his mom’s supervision and occasional appearance on the camera,  H1ghSky1 can go live on YouTube without any violations.

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Fortnite pro player and streamer H1ghsky1

However, the case was different on Twitch. Patrick’s mom claimed that the Twitch account that he used belongs to his older brother, but according to the 13-and-up policy of Twitch, H1ghSky1 will still be likely to violate if the main host of his streams was neither his mother nor his father.

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A stream of H1ghsky1 on Twitch before

H1ghSky1 shared in his YouTube stream that this suspension from Twitch was only temporary, not permanent, but considering he’s still under 13 and might get a mark on his record for the lie, the streamer should just go with YouTube.

All of these leave FaZe Clap in an awkward position where it faces a lot of problems, from its young talent not being able to take part in Fortnite tournaments of Epic to the lawsuit brought by Tenney alleging that the company lied about the age of its player and “pressured the minor and his family to do so.”  

Faze H1ghsky1 Twitch Account Banned Removed Age 11
Fortnite pro player and streamer H1ghsky1

While there has not been any response from FaZe, the representative of Epic has recently announced some news following the false age incident.

Meanwhile, it appears that Patrick’s mom, who certainly knew what her child was up to the whole time, took pride in her little boy

“You are my genius,” said the mother after H1ghSky1's confession. “You are young, and you are a genius. You are amazing.”

“OK, mom,” said the 12-year-old streamer.