Her video of changing outfits does not get any criticism from netizens. Moreover, this beautiful YouTuber got many compliments and positive comments on this video. Her video got more than 18 lakh views.

YouTuber Got Over 18 Lakh Views On A Outfit Changing Video

Haruna Kojima is a beautiful YouTuber and a hot girl in Korea. She used to a member of the music girl group named AKB48, a pretty famous idol group in Asia a few years ago.

Haruna Kojima 1
Haruna Kojima has over 27 lakh followers on Instagram.

Many female YouTubers got criticism and bad reactions from audiences when changing clothes in their videos. However, the beautiful YouTuber in this story got lots of compliments.

Haruna Kojima 2
She used to a member of a famous idol girl group in East Asia.
Haruna Kojima 3
Haruna often updates her fashionable and beautiful looks on Instagram.

Since switching to a YouTube content creation career, this hot girl often makes Lookbook performances in her videos. In specific, she will guide you on how to match clothes in those videos.

Haruna Kojima 4
She also has over 4.7 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Although she also changed clothes in front of the camera to instruct viewers, her videos do not have any sensitive or age-restricted images like outfit-changing content of many other female YouTubers.

Haruna Kojima 5
This beautiful girl has a sweet and sexy beauty.

She only focuses on instructing viewers on how to choose and match clothes as well as explaining her fashion style. Haruna didn't try to pose sexily in front of the camera.

Haruna Kojima 6
Haruna rarely wears revealing clothes but her outfits still help flaunt her beauty.
Haruna Kojima 7
She speaks Japanese in her videos but you can read the subtitles to understand her.
Haruna Kojima 8
She never reveals her body on purpose.
Haruna Kojima 9
She attracts a lot of fans with her charming and stunning photos.

Here are some beautiful looks on her Instagram. Just take a look.

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