Disney is known for finding and developing young talents in the world’s entertainment scene. Bella Thorne is one of the names to come from the house of Mickey. She has taken a completely different path, staying true to who she really is with a rebellious and unpretentious personality. Thorne previously focused on making music, writing books, now, she has shifted towards the movie district of the entertainment industry. Her horror-scary movie “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” was released yesterday on the movie-streaming platform Netflix. It has taken over the Internet, inspired various threads on Twitter. 

The Babysitter 2
Reviews about Thorne's new movie have taken over social media

Most of the tweets cited “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” as the “scariest film on Netflix”. It’s a horror-comedy movie full of blood and gore integrated with some hilarious touches. The appearance of King Bach - the former Vine King, also adds a refreshing vibe. The story follows the journey of Cole two years after the defeat of a satanic cult led by an evil, yet cool-looking babysitter Bee. 

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Bella Thorne stars in the movie with King Bach

In the first episode of the series, Cole defeated the forces of evil but no one believed his telling. The babysitter Bee went missing while Cole’s friends and family thought he had gone out of his mind. “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” is the direct sequence to the 2017 film. But that’s all we can really say about the movie, for the sake of your experience. We won’t spoil any of the fun you may have. However, we want to cite a fan’s tweet to warn you beforehand: “Don’t watch the babysitter and the babysitter killer queen on Netflix if you’re triggered by gore and death”. 

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Thorne is known for posting racy snaps on Instagram

It seems like the release of her new movie has put Bella Thorne’s controversy regarding the subscription platform OnlyFans aside. The ex-Disney star stirred up the media as she joined the platform not long ago and made millions of dollars out of her debut. However, Thorne’s massive success also rake up hate from countless sex workers, adult content creators, and those who work in the porn industry. They accused her of “scamming” - which made OnlyFans changed its guidelines. And of course, Bella Thorne herself denied the claims. 

bella thorne 3
She made millions in just one week from OnlyFans

The 23-year-old star announced her joining OnlyFans last month, and quickly gained over 14.7 crore Rupees ($2 million) in just one week. This massive earning of her caused the content-selling platform to adjust its monetization policies. Now, content creators and sex workers can not charge over INR 3,675 for pay-per-view content and cannot be tipped more than INR 7,200 by online users. Many blame Bella Thorne for making their income significantly less than it was before. 

bella thorne 4
Many blame her for causing OnlyFans to change its guidelines

If you don’t know, OnlyFans is a platform that sells its content via the subscription feature. You subscribe to a certain account, pay a fixed amount every month to access its exclusive content. Unlike YouTube, Instagram, or other social media platforms, OnlyFans does not censor anything. It means explicit content, racy snaps, nudes, even pornography videos are available. It emerges as a new way for celebs, influencers, or racy stars like Thorne herself to earn a gigantic income. 

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