The Internet is the place where everyone can become an overnight sensation or even a star and racks up millions of dollars effortlessly. Belle Delphine, a 20-year-old South African girl one more time proved that it was totally impossible to win a fortune from making business on the Internet. If you want to know more about Belle Delphine, the girl who sells her ‘bathwater’ at $30, and how far she has gone after the controversy, keep reading for interesting information.

Belle Delphine Selling Her Bath Water Bath Tub
Belle Delphine, one of the biggest internet sensation of 2019 is coming back, stronger and sexier than ever!

A school dropout

At the age of 14, Belle Delphine quit her studies and struggled to make ends meet. From working as a waitress to a nanny, the young girl worked stunts to earn money before starting her modeling career. In fact, she learned about cosplay and turned herself into a cosplay model as well as Youtube content creators. Apart from uploading cosplaying photos and videos, she also posted make-up tutorials and daily Vlog but failed to impress the audience.

In addition to that, she also created a Patreon account and managed to gain more attention after her "Ahegao" face pic became famous and was widely used as a meme. Her popularity was also boosted by other influencers like PewDiePie. However, it was not until late 2019 that she started her business with “Gamer Girl Bath Water” which took the internet by storm.

The streamer and social media creator went viral for selling her sexy bathwater in a jar at $35

The controversy around the Gamer Girl Bath Water

While it sounds like a joke, Belle Delphine literally sold jars of her bathwater at a price of $30 (around Rs 2,205). The story quickly went into one of the most viral and controversial stories of the year and her name was well-heard all over the internet.

Despite the overwhelming popularity, the stunner went missing for half a year. It was not until in the middle of 2020 that she made a comeback with a new music video on Youtube and created an OnlyFans account which is studded with all of the boldest and most glamorous photos from the social media star.

Belle Delphine

An OnlyFans star who earns $1M a month

It can be seen that Belle Delphine is doing good with her social media accounts especially OnlyFans. In a recent video with streamer Logan Paul, she revealed that she charged her OnlyFans subscribers $35 a month and now her total income is $1M. It was such a whopping number that there are only a few adult stars.

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