A few months ago, Raymond Abbas aka Hushpuppi - a popular rich man in Dubai - was reportedly arrested for scamming up to $432 million (about Rs 3,157.5 crore) on Instagram.

Billionaire Instagram

Hushpuppi has more than 24 lakhs followers on this platform thanks to his start-up stories that mention from his selling old clothes to becoming one of the richest billionaires in Dubai. On his private page, he often posted many photos of his gorgeous life such as his own jet plane, supercars, and luxurious meals.

In recent days, his Instagram page has no longer boasted about his richness. Instead, it is covered by the shocking news about how he becomes rich. The investigators revealed that this “billionaire” tried to from a billionaire-like lifestyle in a bid to entice victims across the world.

Instagram Fraudster

The police busted in his house and found a cash amount of more than $37 million (about Rs271 crore) and many supercars while the 38-year-old man was sleeping. Additionally, they also discovered the email addresses of over 20 lakh victims on the collected smartphones and computers.

Hushpuppi Watch

The investigators revealed that Hushpuppi and his 12 accomplices applied a variety of software and technologies to create many fake bank accounts and steal the information on the credit cards of the global victims.

Dubai police officer Brigadier Jamal al-Jalaf said that the suspects aimed at the victims in foreign countries by creating websites that forged reputable companies and banks in a bid to steal the information on victims’ credit cards. And then, they would launder the stolen money.

Of course, the stories of this fake billionaire on Instagram are no longer an inspiration to many others. Instead, the netizens should consider them as a warning that they should learn to realize this kind of hi-technology criminal.

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