The internet phenomenon in the streaming community in Thailand in recent days is nobody but Beer Passaranan, better known as Bizcuitbeer. Since the beginning of her career, the 1995-born female streamer has captured many hearts via her cover songs and earned millions of views.

Thai Streamer
Bizcuitbeer has been one of the most popular female streamers in Thailand.

Bizcuitbeer is now known as the goddess in the streaming community in this country. With her beautiful appearance and sweet smile, it’s not surprising that she always draws a lot of attention both on the Internet and in daily life. Her most favorite game is Arena of Valor but she also plays many other mobile games. Last year, she became an MC at the Arena of Valor International Championship 2020 in Thailand.

Bizcuitbeer also makes a powerful impression on netizens due to her sweet singing voice. There are more than 430k subscribers on her YouTube channel while her Instagram page attracts over 690k followers.

When it comes to her career, the streamer has gained certain success. She is now a familiar face on the cover pages of many Thailand magazines.

However, her sexiest moments may come from when she appears in sexy bikinis. A hot figure, beautiful face, and sleekly full breasts are no doubt amongst her maximum advantages. And Bizcuitbeer never hesitates to post her stunning beach photos on social networks.

Streamer 8
Fans can't get enough of her cover songs on YouTube.

It’s a pity for guys in love with Bizcuitbeer that the beautiful streamer has a boyfriend. He is rumored to be a pro AoV player Wanoiz who now plays for EVOS Esports TH.

Let’s take a look at a series of seducing photos of this Thailand streamer!


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