Everyone loves the Holi Festival, not just because it is the festival of all the good things such as spring, love, and color but also because it is super fun. Normally, no one would even want to have a small spill on their shirt, but on this festival, everyone can go as wild as they want and have fun painting colors everywhere.

However, as the Holi Festival is an ancient festival of Indian, Western countries don't get to experience this wonderful occasion and enjoy the happiness of the holiday, until Priyanka Chopra introduced it to Jimmy Fallon in The Late Night Show with a blast on his face back in 2017. Let's throwback to this event together with Gurugamer.

As Jimmy asked the Bollywood actress to show him the Holi festival, Priyanka Chopra granted him the wish and then they started painting on each other face gently, which was what Jimmy thought it would be. But no, instead, he surprised at the pace of the actress and tried to keep up with her, making it a wild color battle between the guest and the host. Of course, with more color battle experience, Priyanka Chopra completely dominated Jimmy's face with colors and shouted “Happy Holi.”

Even Jimmy didn't understand what he was doing, but I am sure that he had a great time doing it. Priyanka Chopra has done a really good job bringing the spirit and excitement of the festival to the show.

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Priyanka Chopra spent Holi Festival with her husband this year

In this year's Holi Festival, Priyanka Chopra stayed in India instead to introduce the holiday to her husband Nick Jonas. With all the amazing photos and videos that they have has posted on Instagram they sure had lots of good time. One video even shows Nick using his wif's dress to wipe off colors from his hands. The video went viral as the fans can't stop adoring that moment.